Business Central Forms

These Are the Business Forms Currently Available to File Online:

File a New Business or Register a Name
  • Initial Articles of Incorporation: For Profit, Domestic Corporation (Form 532A)
  • Initial Articles of Incorporation: Nonprofit, Domestic Corporation (Form 532B)
  • Initial Articles of Incorporation: Professional Association, Domestic Corporation (Form 532C)
  • Foreign For-Profit Corporation Application for License (Form 530A)
  • Foreign Nonprofit Corporation Application for License (Form 530B)
  • Registration of Corporation Name, Foreign Corporation (Form 530C)
  • Articles of Organization for a Domestic Limited Liability Company (Form 533A)
  • Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Company (Form 533B)
  • Statement of Partnership Authority (Form 535)
  • Certificate of Domestic Limited Partnership (Form 531A)
  • Certificate of Foreign Limited Partnership  (Form 531B)
  • Statement of Domestic Qualification: Limited Liability Partnership (Form 536)
  • Statement of Foreign Qualification:  Limited Liability Partnership (Form 537)
  • Trade and Fictitious Name Registration (Form 534A)
Update an Existing Business Record
  • Biennial Report: Professional Association / Limited Liability Partnership (Form 520)
  • Statutory Agent Update (Form 521)
  • Statement of Continued Existence of Nonprofit Corporation: Foreign / Domestic (Form 522)
  • Renewal of Trade Name or Fictitious Name Registration (Form 523A)
  • Reinstatement & Appointment of Agent (Form 525A)
  • Certificate of Dissolution of Limited Liability Company /Cancellation of Foreign Limited Liability Company (Form 562)
(please note that by ordering these certificates online, the certificate will be e-mailed to you)
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Full Force and Effect Certificate
  • Certified Copies

Please click here for all other fillable PDF forms from our website and mail it to the Ohio Secretary of State’s office with the appropriate filing fees.