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Campaign Finance Handbook

The Ohio Campaign Finance Handbook assists all reporting entities in navigating the various regulatory paths established by Ohio law.  Each of the handbook's chapters discusses specific entity types or areas of campaign finance activity and can serve as a map for the reader to understand each area of regulation and reporting applicable to their circumstance. 

Local candidates and other political entities can also receive filing information from the board of elections located in their county. For a list of all county boards of elections, visit the board directory.

All chapters revised May 2022

  Introduction (PDF)
Chapter 1 Definitions (PDF)
Chapter 2 Candidates (PDF)
Chapter 3 Additional Requirements for Statewide and General Assembly Candidates (PDF)
Chapter 4 Transition Funds (PDF)
Chapter 5 Political Party Accounts (PDF)
Chapter 6 Legislative Campaign Funds (PDF)
Chapter 7 Political Action Committees (PDF)
Chapter 8 Political Contributing Entities (PDF)
Chapter 9 Ballot Issue Committees (PDF)
Chapter 10 Businesses and Labor Organizations (PDF)
Chapter 11 Electioneering Communication (PDF)
Chapter 12 Disclaimers (PDF)
Chapter 13 Electronic Filing of Campaign Finance Reports (PDF)
Chapter 14 Duties of the Secretary of State and County Boards of Elections (PDF)
Chapter 15 Ohio Elections Commission (PDF)
Chapter 16 Other Resources (PDF)
Chapter 17 Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)