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File Reports Online

PLEASE NOTE: Online Filing is permitted only for those committees that file reports with the Secretary of State‚Äôs office.  Local candidates must file all reports on paper with the local Board of Elections.

The Ohio Secretary of State provides two options to submit your Campaign Finance reports electronically to our office via the Campaign Finance Online Filing System (CFOFS):

  1. Keying the report into CFOFS
  2. Uploading properly formatted files in either a comma separated values (.csv) or text (.txt) file format.

Filing Information

File Format & Excel Template Instructions | Excel Template

The Campaign Finance Division routinely offers training on compliance and disclosure requirements, including electronic filing. One-on-one assistance, including a demonstration of filing options, is available at the Secretary of State's offices in Columbus whenever requested.

You may contact the Campaign Finance Division of the Ohio Secretary of State`s office at 614-466-3111, or by e-mail, if you have any questions.