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File Format & Excel Template Instructions

The File Format structure was designed primarily for committees that have large numbers of contribution and expenditure records or already have its contribution and expenditure records in a database and are looking to export that data at the filing deadline.  For committees with smaller number of records, keying them directly into the Campaign Finance Online Filing System (CFOFS) will be easier.  Below are a series of PDFs that contain the correct format and instructions for properly preparing contributions, expenditure and loans/debt information to be uploaded into CFOFS.   Once the report has been successfully uploaded the committee will then finish submitting the report through CFOFS.  

Template Overview

Since not everyone is familiar preparing comma delimited .CSV files, we have created an Excel template to assist users in creating a report that can be uploaded into CFOFS.  The instructions are written using the template provided.  The template consists of an Excel workbook that includes three spreadsheets (tabs). These spreadsheets (contributions, expenditures, loan/debts) require you to enter data in a specific format which is described in the instructions.

File Format

These instructions have been presented in the same order as the template. It is recommended that you review these instructions in the order shown.

File Format Instructions