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Filing Forms

Ohio Campaign Finance forms are available as interactive PDFs.

The forms can be filled out on screen and printed and will assist with any necessary calculations.

Instructions for completion accompany each form.

Campaign Finance Reporting Forms

Form NumberForm Name
 30-A Ohio Campaign Finance Report (cover page)
 30-B-1 Contributions from a Corporation or Labor Organization Supporting or Opposing Ballot Issues
 30-B-2 Independent Expenditures from a Corporation or Labor Organization Supporting or Opposing Ballot Issues
 30-C Two-Day Business Report
 30-D Designation of Treasurer
 30-E Independent Expenditures Made by Individuals, Partnerships or Other Entities
 30-T Establishment of Transition Fund and Designation of Transition Fund Treasurer
 31-A Statement of Contributions Received
 31-A-2 Statement of Other Income
 31-B Statement of Expenditures
 31-BB Local Candidate Finance Report Waiver
 31-C Statement of Loans Received
 31-CC Statement of Political Party Restricted Funds Deposits
 31-DD Electronic Filing Affidavit of Hardship
 31-E Statement of Contributions Received at a Social or Fund-Raising Event
 31-EC Notice of Intent to Make Electioneering Communication Disbursements
 31-F Statement of Expenditures for Social or Fund-Raising Event
 31-G Contributors in Officeholder's Employ
 31-I Establishment, Administrative and Solicitation Expenses
 31-J-1 In-Kind Contributions Received
 31-J-2 In-Kind Contributions Made
 31-K Statement of Loans Made
 31-M Statement of Political Party Restricted Fund Disbursements.
 31-N Statement of Outstanding Debts
 31-P Contributions for Debt Retirement
 31-R Federal, State and Local Ohio Resident Receipts
 31-T Contributors Doing Business with State Elected Officers
 31-U Independent Expenditures Made by a Campaign Committee, PAC, Political Party or Legislative Campaign Fund
 31-V Legislative Campaign Fund Excess Contributions

Permissive Funds Forms
(Statewide & General Assembly Candidates Only)

Form NumberForm Name
 31-AA Waiver of Declaration of Filing Day Finances
 31-W Permissive Funds Report and Declaration of Filing Day Finances
 31-X Statement of Assets
 31-Y Statement of Excess Aggregate Contributions Received During the Election Period
 31-Z Statement of Disposal of Excess Funds and Excess Aggregate Contributions

Board of Elections Forms
(for board use only)

Form NumberForm Name
 30-G Notice to File Pre-Election Form
 30-H Notice to File Post-Election Form
 30-I Notice to File Annual Report Form
 30-M Notice to File Semiannual Form
 30-N Notice to File Reports Electronically Form
 Checklist BOE Audit Checklist