General Election Overview: November 3, 1953

Official Tabulation: November 3, 1953

To authorize the issuance of bonds up to $500,000,000, the proceeds thereof to be used to construct an adequate highway system for the State of Ohio.

YES 1,035,869

NO 676,496


To create a State Board of Education with power to appoint a Superintendent of Public Instruction.

YES 913,134

NO 693,624


Relative to militia duty for all male citizens, by removing the word "white" as a designation for those eligible or required to serve in the state militia.

YES 905,059

NO 650,567


To eliminate two conflicts with the United States Constitution.

YES 1,004,862

NO 405,210


To eliminate an obsolete provision concerning the eligibility of women to offices.

YES 1,092,268

NO 500,830


Relating to the payment of adjusted compensation to soldiers of World War I.

YES 948,014

NO 616,113


Relative to the election of militia officers.

YES 755,725

NO 622,245


To repeal sections which authorized the appointment of three commissioners to revise, reform, simplify, and abridge the practice, pleadings, forms and proceedings of the courts immediately following the adoption of the Constitution of 1851.

YES 789,511

NO 541,477


Relating to officials in office November 7, 1905.

YES 835,195

NO 493,099