General Election Overview: November 8, 1955

Official Tabulation: November 8, 1955

Vote on Constitutional Amendment


To provide for a long range building program for public buildings and structures, excluding highways, and for the issuance of $150,000,000 in securities to provide the funds therefor.

YES 1,154,976

NO 909,030


To provide that the conpensation of any officer may be increased or diminished during his existing term.

YES 793,384

NO 1,142,738


To provide that the compensation of judges of the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, Probate Court, and the Court of Common Pleas and of other courts inferior to the Court of Appeals, may be increased or diminished during their term of office.

 YES 849,677

NO 1,107,646


Vote on Proposed Law, November 8, 1955


To increase unemployment compensation.

YES 856,326

NO 1,481,339