General Election Overview: November 4, 1975

Official Tabulation: November 4, 1975


To authorize laws which permit land devoted to outdoor recreation to be valued for tax purposes at its current value for recreational use, except land controlled or owned by an organization or person who violates the civil rights of individuals.

YES 1,014,426

NO 1,539,423


To create and preserve jobs by the authorization of tax incentives to industrial plants.

YES 573,874

NO 2,164,957


To authorize the issuance of bonds and notes from an additional levy of gasoline tax, for the development, restoration and upgrading of highways and other transportation facilities.

YES 439,041

NO 2,304,854


Relative to the authority of the state, municipal corporations and counties to provide assistance with respect to housing, nursing, extended care and other health facilities.

YES 869,437

NO 1,882,454


To authorize the issuance of bonds and notes to be paid by an additional sales and use tax for capital improvements for cities, villages, and counties, including energy, heart and cancer facilities.

YES 487,326

NO 2,219,093


To require the General Assembly to provide by law methods to give each candidate`s name equal treatment on the ballot by rotation or other appropriate method.

YES 1,619,219

NO 915,599


To require delegates to national political conventions to be chosen by the voters in a manner provided by law.

YES 1,653,931

NO 906,156


To permit the state, city, village, county, township or regional transportation authority to give or loan credit to aid federal corporations and state agencies for reorganization of rail systems in the state.

YES 871,726

NO 1,614,597


To permit the General Assembly to authorize and regulate the operation of bingo conducted by charitable organizations.

YES 1,405,453

NO 1,205,009