State Issue 1- Argument Against

Voting NO on Issue 1 means:
  • You oppose expanding the ten-year corporate-subsidy plan known as the Third Frontier. It is a program that strikes at the heart of our traditional free-market economy;
  • You oppose putting the vast majority of businesses at an unfair competitive disadvantage by pitting them against government-favored, taxpayer-funded entities;
  • You oppose a three-person, governor-appointed panel picking winners and losers by determining who gets a tax break and who does not. Technology development should be driven by free-market and not state government;
  • You oppose giving preference to certain businesses, universities, researchers, and entrepreneurs who will profit financially from tax breaks that are not given to all;
  • You oppose allowing those individuals and corporations affiliated with universities to use the tax supported infrastructure of a university for their personal gain when formulating and marketing new goods and services for their own profit;
  • You oppose bypassing the Ohio Constitution's 5% cap on state debt service;
  • You oppose putting an issue on the ballot before rules and regulations for the program have been established; and finally,
  • You oppose a $63 million increase in debt service. Ohio does not need more government spending. By locking our state into bond retirement, Issue 1 will shift funds away from legitimate services.

Vote NO on Issue 1.


Senator Lynn Wachtmann      Representative Tom Brinkman
Representative Diana Fessler
Representative Nancy Hollister