State Issue 1- Argument For

A YES vote on Issue 1 will help create more good jobs for Ohioans, without raising taxes.

Issue 1 will help grow Ohio's economy and help our state attract and retain high paying jobs. Issue 1 should be approved for the following reasons:

  • ISSUE 1 WILL HELP CREATE JOBS. Issue 1 will help create thousands of new, high-paying jobs in every region of Ohio - jobs in advanced manufacturing, information technology, biomedical products, and other high-growth industries.

  • ISSUE 1 DOES NOT RAISE TAXES. Bonds authorized through Issue 1 will not require a tax increase now or in the future. Repayment of bonds has already been factored into the state's long-range financial plans.

  • ISSUE 1 WILL HELP KEEP OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN CLOSE TO HOME. In recent years, thousands of Ohioans left the state in the pursuit of good jobs. Issue 1 will help create the kind of good jobs that will help keep our children and grandchildren close to home.

  • ISSUE 1 IS PART OF A BROAD ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PLAN. Issue 1 is part of the state's largest economic development initiative ever launched. With federal and private sector support, Issue 1 will help generate $6 billion of new investment for Ohio's economy, leading to the creation of thousands of good jobs in all regions of Ohio.

  • ISSUE 1 HAS BROAD BIPARTISAN SUPPORT. Issue 1 is supported by Republicans, Democrats, Independents, business, labor and higher education leaders. Nearly every major newspaper is supporting Issue 1.

Issue 1 will help create more good jobs for Ohioans, a healthier, stronger economy for Ohio, all without raising taxes.

Vote YES on Issue 1.


Senator Ron Amstutz      Representative Kevin DeWine
Senator Steve Austria     Representative Jim McGregor
Senator Tom Roberts     Representative Barbara Sykes