State Issue 1: Arguments Against

The Ohio Marriage Amendment. It's Not What You Think.

It Hurts Families.

If passed, Issue 1 will eliminate rights, benefits and protections for all unmarried couples in Ohio. Claims that it merely restates Ohio's long-standing definition of marriage are untrue. Even Defense of Marriage Act author State Representative Bill Seitz said the amendment is poorly written and too ambiguous. Governor Taft and Attorney General Petro say it goes too far.

While claiming to protect Ohio families, Issue 1 actually punishes:

  • Senior living together to protect pension benefits
  • Unmarried couples seeking to jointly own property
  • People who receive health benefits from domestic partner plans
  • Unmarried women seeking maternity leave
  • Adopted children of unmarried couples

If this amendment passes, even an unmarried person's right to leave property to a partner could not be recognized by Ohio courts.

Referring to leaders behind the amendment, The Canton Repository said …

“They make no bones about wanting to make life as difficult as possible for all couples, gay or straight, who don't toe their moral line.”


It Hurts Ohio's Economy.

Leading economic and legal experts agree that Issue 1 would have a negative impact on our struggling economy. The editorial page editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer stated in a recent editorial that this amendment would cost the state thousands of jobs, and help perpetuate Ohio's “long and relentless dive to the bottom.”

Crain's Cleveland Business summed up the economic impact by stating, “The ability to offer such benefits [domestic partner benefits] is a critical tool to many companies and universities in Ohio. The article concluded the editorial by saying …

“Regardless of your feelings about gay marriage, this amendment deserves to be defeated because it is anti-business and anti-competitive.”



Submitted By: Ohioans Protecting the Constitution

Alan Melamed, Chair Mary Jo Hudson, Treasurer