State Issue 2: Argument AGAINST

Vote No on Issue 2 for the following reasons.

  • First, the adoption of this amendment is likely to lead to a significant increase in cases of fraudulent voting in Ohio, as experienced in other states that have adopted similar proposals. The proposed amendment does not contain a reliable method to protect the integrity of votes cast early, nor does it provide adequate safeguards to ensure that only eligible and qualified voters would be able to use these procedures.
  • Second, this amendment is not necessary because Ohio law already contains generous absentee voting provisions. Currently, any Ohio voter with a legitimate reason for being absent on Election Day can obtain an absentee ballot. In fact, there are 16 reasons that allow absentee voting under current Ohio law, including: military service; health and physical disability issues; work related issues; being age 62 or older; or, simply that the voter expects to be absent from the county on Election Day for personal reasons.
  • Third, the proposed amendment does not ensure that every Ohioan will have the same opportunity to vote early. The amendment does not establish a statewide standard that must be followed for designation of times and locations for early voting. The rules governing early voting could vary widely from county to county, because the amendment gives each county Board of Elections the discretion to designate the times and locations for early voting.

For all of these reasons,