State Issue 3: Argument AGAINST

Vote No on Issue 3 for the following reasons.

  • The proposed amendment would change how Ohio political campaigns are funded to benefit the wealthy and labor unions, to the disadvantage of all other Ohioans.
  • The proposed amendment allows labor unions to funnel unlimited amounts of money into the political process through a new type of political organization that is deceptively labeled a “small donor” action committee. In addition, there would be no obligation placed on labor unions to provide full disclosure regarding the source of this money, which could even be given people outside Ohio.
  • The proposed amendment would give an unfair advantage to wealthy candidates because they would be permitted to use unlimited amounts of personal money in their campaigns. However, unlike Ohio’s current law, the proposed amendment would not permit an individual running against a wealthy opponent to raise additional campaign dollars to make the election fair and competitive.
  • The proposed amendment would also place drastic restrictions on the ability of all other Ohioans to raise money to combat the undue influence of the wealthy and labor unions in Ohio elections. These restrictions are designed to silence the voices of ordinary Ohioans in the elections process.

For all of these reasons,