State Issue 4: Argument AGAINST

Vote No on Issue 4 for the following reasons.

  • First, Ohio voters lose the ability to hold public officials accountable in the process to create districts for the Ohio General Assembly and the U.S. Congress. Instead, the proposed amendment would place this power in the hands of a new commission that is made up of 5 political appointees. Two of the commission members would be selected by judges and the others may be chosen by lot. The members of the commission would not be required to meet any minimum level of qualifications. Once appointed, the commissioners would serve for an indefinite period of time, and would never be accountable to Ohio voters.
  • Second, the proposed amendment would grant the commission virtually unlimited power to spend Ohio tax dollars with essentially no control by Ohio voters or other state leaders. No other state commission has this extraordinary spending power.
  • Third, although today the Ohio Constitution protects your right to vote for someone who represents your community or neighborhood, the proposed amendment would require the commission to focus on political parties. The proposal expressly allows districts to be gerrymandered to ensure that one party or the other wins, rather than ensure that all Ohioans have a fair chance to have a representative who shares their point of view.
  • Finally, the proposed amendment would remove from the Ohio Constitution the authority of Ohio’s courts to review the commission’s activities. Therefore, unlike all other Ohio public officials, political subdivisions, boards, commissions, and agencies, Ohio citizens would have virtually no ability to challenge the actions of this unelected commission in Ohio’s courts. The commission should not be uniquely unaccountable and placed above the law.

For all of these reasons,