State Issue 5: Argument AGAINST

Vote No on Issue 5 for the following reasons.

  • First, the proposed amendment would effectively end the local control over Ohio elections that is currently exercised by our bipartisan county elections boards.
  • Second, the proposed amendment would create a new statewide elections board that would consist of members who are politically appointed for 9-year terms, and would never be accountable to Ohio voters.
  • Third, the proposed amendment would eliminate the role of Ohio’s Secretary of State in Ohio’s election system. The new statewide board of political appointees would replace our elected Secretary of State. The proponents of this amendment clearly distrust the ability of Ohio voters to choose a public official to be in charge of Ohio’s election system.
  • Fourth, the proposed amendment would essentially give the appointed elections board a “blank check” to spend any and all tax dollars that it desires even if taxes would need to be raised to pay for it. The proposed amendment does not explain why it is necessary to give this group of political appointees the power to spend unlimited amounts of tax dollars, without being accountable to Ohio voters or elected Ohio public officials.

For all of these reasons,