State Issue 5: Explanation and Argument FOR

Vote YES to create a bi-partisan and independent state board of elections supervisors to administer elections similar to the county boards of elections.

In recent elections, public confidence in the fairness of the election process has been undermined by actions of the Secretary of State. Citizens need to have trust and confidence restored in their electoral system.

Issue 5 will restore public confidence by replacing the Secretary of State as the state’s chief elections officer with a bi-partisan board of elections supervisors similar to the local county boards of elections. If a bi-partisan system is good enough for all 88 counties, it should be good enough for Ohio as a whole.

Issue 5 will lessen partisanship in the administration of elections in Ohio at the state level.

Issue 5 will prevent those who are involved in administering elections at the state level from mixing personal political agendas with their public duties.

Issue 5 will create a bi-partisan board with 9 appointed members—4 appointed by the Governor, 4 appointed by Members of the General Assembly of the opposite party and one member appointed by the Ohio Supreme Court.

Issue 5 will not create another layer of bureaucracy in State government. Money now used for this service could be transferred to the state board of elections.

Issue 5 will not replace the bi-partisan county boards of elections that currently administer and will continue to administer elections at the local level.




Submitted by: Reform Ohio Now, Inc., 3886 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43214
Herb Asher and Ron Alexander, Co-Chairs
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