State Issue 3: Argument and Explanation Against


Please Vote NO on the Learn and Earn Casino Gambling Amendment.

This dishonest plan, filled with loopholes, will not deliver the benefits promised.

A handful of casino developers want to use your Constitution for their personal gain, but it will ruin lives.

Why so many are voting NO on Issue 3:

  • Learn and Earn Casinos will create at least 109,000 NEW gambling addicts, ruining the lives of hundreds of thousands of families.
  • Remember the Lottery? It didn't save Ohio public schools. Learn and Earn Casinos are a bad deal for students, parents, and colleges.
  • Learn and Earn creates a private monopoly for a handful of casino owners. Gambling proceeds are exempted from state and local taxes.
  • Learn and Earn Casinos will place NO money in the Ohio General Revenue Fund- not one dollar for the State Treasury.
  • Issue 3 will not stop Ohioans from traveling to gamble but will grant licenses to out-of state operators and drain more dollars from Ohio.
  • Ohio casinos will drain $2 billion from the local economy costing Ohio jobs.
  • Learn and Earn LOOPHOLES will leave thousands of students without scholarships. There are no guarantees on how much scholarships will be worth or when they will be paid. Only the top 5% of students will qualify for tuition grants which disappear after 12 years.
  • Learn and Earn will push Ohio into a Class III gambling state making it easier for tribal casinos to open in Ohio.
  • Community leaders, elected officials and many Ohio newspapers are urging a “NO” vote on Learn and Earn's gambling casinos.

Don't gamble away Ohio's future. Protect Ohio's families and children.

Vote NO on ISSUE 3.

The Vote NO Casinos Committee
State Auditor Betty Montgomery, Co-Chair
David Zanotti, President, The Ohio Roundtable, Co-Chair