State Issue 3: Certified Ballot Language

Gambling and college scholarships - Learn & Earn

(Proposed by Initiative Petition)

To adopt Section 12 of Article XV of the Constitution of the State of Ohio.

This amendment to the Constitution would:

  • Permit up to 31,500 slot machines at seven horse racing tracks and at two Cleveland non-track locations.
  • Permit expanded gaming in the four Cuyahoga County locations if approved by the county's voters.
  • Distribute the revenues as follows:
    • 55% to the slot and casino owners and operators.
    • 30% to the Board of Regents for college scholarships and grants to eligible students and administration of the program.
    • The remaining revenues to be divided among local governments, race tracks for purse money, gambling addiction services, and
    • The administration of the Gaming Integrity Commission comprised of five members appointed by the governor and the majority legislative leaders.
  • The moneys provided by this amendment are to supplement and not supplant existing and future constitutional obligations to post-secondary education and local governments.

a majority yes vote is necessary for passage.


  • YES
  • NO


      I, Gretchen A. Quinn, Esq., acting in my capacity as the duly-designated secretary of the Ohio Ballot Board, hereby certify to the Secretary of the State of Ohio that the foregoing text is the ballot language prescribed by the Ohio Ballot Board, acting pursuant to Article II, Section 1g of the Ohio Constitution and section 3505.062 of the Revised Code of Ohio, for this constitutional amendment proposed by initiative petition for submission to the Ohio electorate at the election to be held on November 7, 2006.

      In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name at Columbus, Ohio, this 24 th day of August 2006.


Gretchen A. Quinn, Esq.
Secretary, Ohio Ballot Board