State Issue 3: Explanation and Argument in Support

A "yes" vote on Issue 3 would provide thousands of Ohio's hard-working high school students with scholarships to Ohio's colleges and universities. All students will be eligible to earn these scholarships, which would be funded from the proceeds of expanded gambling--slot machines--at the seven commercial horse racing tracks, and at two carefully specified locations in Cleveland's entertainment district. Issue 3 would also provide new funds for economic development and job creation for communities throughout Ohio.

Unlike the proceeds from the lottery, Learn and Earn scholarship funds would be free from control of politicians who now simply reduce education's general revenue funds by the amount of lottery proceeds. Issue 3 expressly prohibits the reduction of such funds by providing that the money generated for scholarships and local communities' economic development will supplement, not supplant, monies currently appropriated for these purposes. The scholarship monies will be placed in individual accounts for Ohio's primary and secondary school students under the direct control of the Ohio Board of Regents. The legislature will be powerless to divert this money for politicians' pet projects.

Under Issue 3, the locations and number of slot machines would be strictly limited, and would be regulated by the new Gaming Integrity Commission, which will operate without general revenue tax dollars.

Each year, Ohioans spend billions of dollars on gaming entertainment in neighboring states and Canada. This amendment will help keep that money in Ohio for the benefit of Ohio and its children. Money now spent by Ohioans on gaming in Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, and Canada (and soon, Pennsylvania), benefits the residents of those places. The money spent by Ohioans on this form of entertainment should benefit Ohioans, not out-of-state interests.

Vote Yes for Ohio's Children. Vote yes on Issue 3.

Submitted by: Ohio Learn and Earn Committee, J. Gregg Haught, David L. Hopcraft and Linda J. Siefkas.