State Issue 5: Certified Ballot Language

Prohibit smoking in places of employment and most public places - Smoke Free

(Proposed by Initiative Petition)

To enact Chapter 3794. of the Ohio Revised Code to restrict smoking in places of employment and most places open to the public.

The proposed law would:

  • Prohibit smoking in public places and places of employment;
  • Exempt from the smoking restrictions certain locations, including private residences (except during the hours that the residence operates as a place of business involving non-residents of the private residence), designated smoking rooms in hotels, motels, and other lodging facilities; designated smoking areas for nursing home residents; retail tobacco stores, outdoor patios, private clubs, and family-owned and operated places of business;
  • Authorize a uniform statewide minimum standard to protect workers and the public from secondhand tobacco smoke;
  • Allow for the declaration of an establishment, facility, or outdoor area as nonsmoking;
  • Require the posting of “No Smoking” signs, and the removal of all ashtrays and similar receptacles from any area where smoking is prohibited;
  • Specify the duties of the department of health to enforce the smoking restrictions
  • Create in the state treasury the “smoke free indoor air fund;”
  • Provide for the enforcement of the smoking restrictions and for the imposition of civil fines upon anyone who violates the smoking restrictions.

a majority yes vote is necessary for passage.


  • YES
  • NO


      I, Gretchen A. Quinn, Esq., acting in my capacity as the duly-designated secretary of the Ohio Ballot Board, hereby certify to the Secretary of the State of Ohio that the foregoing text is the ballot language prescribed by the Ohio Ballot Board, acting pursuant to Article II, Section 1g of the Ohio Constitution and section 3505.062 of the Revised Code of Ohio, for this law proposed by initiative petition for submission to the Ohio electorate at the election to be held on November 7, 2006.

      In testimony whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name at Columbus, Ohio, this 24 th day of August 2006.


Gretchen A. Quinn, Esq.
Secretary, Ohio Ballot Board