Report from the Secretary of State to the Governor, General Assembly and the Citizens of the State of Ohio 

(Appendices I - VI)

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Appendix I - VI

Table of Contents

Appendix I: Voting Systems for Ohio's 88 Counties


Appendix II: Election Statistics (Includes all listed Races)

Voter Turnout Ohio Representative County Clerk of Courts
Absentee and Provisional Ballot Report State Board of Education County Sheriff


Court of Appeals County Recorder
Attorney General: Unexpired Term Ending January 9, 2011 County Court of Common Pleas County Treasurer
U.S. Congress County Judge: Unexpired Term Ending December 31, 2010 County Engineer
Supreme Court: Term Beginning January 1, 2009 County Commissioner County Coroner
Supreme Court: Term Beginning January 2, 2009 County Auditor: Unexpired Term Ending March 31, 2010 State Issues
Ohio Senator County Prosecutor Local Issues Summary

Appendix III: Directives (Includes all listed Directives)

Prohibiting the Outsourcing of Mailing of Absentee Ballots   Remake of Optical Scan Ballots   Posting Summary Statements of Precinct Election Results at Polling Locations   Guidelines for Identifying and Rectifying Sharing Violation Errors During Upload
Standards for Establishing an Alternate Polling Location for In-person Absentee Voting   Internet Access, Networking, Installing or Downloading Software, and Modem Access on Voting Equipment   Polling Location Checklist for Polling Place Supplies   Instructions for Processing and Scanning Optical Scan Regular Ballots Placed in the Emergency/Auxiliary Ballot Bin
Complying with Secretary of State's Procedures for Processing Duplicate Voter Registrations   Minimum Security Requirements of Vote Tabulation Servers   Logic and Accuracy Testing (L&A) of Voting Machines and Public Test   Offering Optical Scan Ballots in the Event of Long Lines
R.C. 3501.19 Notices of Election - Implementation of Appropriation for Absentee Ballot Applications in Am.Sub H.B. 562   County Board of Elections Security and Risk Mitigation Plan   Pre- and Post- Election Tests of Vote Tabulation Systems   Absentee Ballots to be Included in Unofficial Canvass
Security of BOEs Offices as well as the Minimum Storage, Security, Access and Inventory Control Requirements for Voting Systems Equipment at the BOEs Office   Special Congressional Election to fill vacancy in Ohio's 11th Congressional District due to death of U.S. Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones (TO CUYAHOGA COUNTY ONLY)   In Person Absentee Voters Who Register and Vote During Five-Day "Overlap" Period   Notifying Voters of Absentee Ballot ID Envelope Errors
Minimum Security, Access, Inventory Control, Storage, and Preservation Requirements for Ballots and Election Data Media   Minimum Requirements and Best Practices for Poll Worker Training   Effect of Am.Sub.HB 350 on Issuance of Directives   Ensuring Voter Intent is Carried Out In Precinct-Based Optical Scan Counties
Optical Scan Ballots for Voters in Counties Using DRE Voting Machines   Eligibility of Former Ohio Residents to Vote in Presidential General Election in Ohio   Directive Issued Pursuant to Court Order   Official Canvass and Report Forms for
November 4 General Election
Procedures if a Court Order Causes Any Precinct Polling Place to Remain Open on Election Day past 7:30 p.m.   Required Procedures in Administering Voter Challenge Statutes, R.C. 3503.24 and 3505.19   Mandatory Duty of Boards of Elections to Conduct Investigations Relating to Election Integrity and to Residence Qualifications of Electors and to Report the Findings of Such Investigations to the Secretary of State and to County Prosecutors   Post-Election audits for the November 4, 2008 General Election
Processing Voter Registration Applications Received the week Immediately Preceding a Voter Registration Deadline   Voter Identification Requirements   Directive Issued Pursuant to Court Order - Observers during In-Person Absentee Voting   Directive Issued Pursuant to Court Order - Reasonable Accommodation for Disabled Absentee Voters who are Homebound
Guidelines for Voting Machine Aquistition and Allocation   Guidelines for Provisional Voting   Election Day Voter Challenges and Provisional Voting Based Upon a Failure to Match Information on the Statewide Voter Registration Database with Bureau of Motor Vehicles and/or Social Security Administration Records   Recount Procedures
Precinct Polling Location Arrangement and Diagram for Counties Using DREs   Guidelines for Absentee Voting   Voter Eligibility and Challenges Regarding Absentee Ballots Based Upon Data Discrepancies from Federal and State Database Matches   Directive Issued Pursuant to Court Order
Instructions to Voters for Absent Voter Ballots   2008 General Election Ballots   Guidelines for Determining the Validity of Provisional Ballots      
Procedures for Processing Absent Voter's Ballots Prior to Election Day   Instructions for Closing the Polls and Reconciliation of Paper Ballots for Tabulation (Relevant Statutes Attached)   Processing Duplicate Voter Registrations and Identifying Deceased Registered Voters      
Voting Machine Delivery Requirements   Procedures for Handling Optical Scan Paper Ballots When a Ballot Box is at or Near Capacity Prior to Close of the Polls   Directive Issued Pursuant to Court Order      

Appendix IV: Advisories (Includes all listed Advisories)

Reporting Facts of Investigations under R.C. 3501.11(J); Issuing and Serving Subpoenas   Federal Court Order Granting Ballot Access and Party Designation to Libertarian Party of Ohio Candidates   Observers During In-Person Absentee Voting   Paper Ballots, Provisional Voter and Other Election Day Supplies
Ohio's "Five-minute Rule" When Occupying a Voting Compartment   Issuance and Acceptance of Absentee Ballots for Boards of Elections that have Established an Alternate Polling Location for In-person Absentee Voting   Voting Rights of Persons Facing Home Foreclosure   Search Procedures When Using the Statewide Voter Registration Database
Use of a Military Identification Card for Purposes of Voting   Extended Office Hours during the Time Period for Absentee Voting   Clarification of Utility Bills Used as Voter Identification for Voters Living in Residential Facilities   Clarification of Court Order
Voter Registration Activities of Organizations in Ohio   2008-20 Election Night Bipartisan Team Transport of Ballots   Absentee Ballot Applications from Voters whose 60-day Notices were Returned   International Observers
2008-15 17-year old Poll Workers - R.C. 3501.22 as Amended by Am.Sub.H.B. 350   Privacy of Provisional Voter and Provisional Ballot Information   2008-29 UOCAVA Voters - Uniformed Services and Overseas Absentee Voters      
Voting Rights of Persons Convicted of a Felony   Required Information for Accepting and Processing a Completed Voter Registration Application   Best Practices for Posting Precinct Results      

Appendix V: Memoranda (Includes all listed Memoranda)

Processing Voter Registration Applications Received the Week Immediately Preceding a Voter Registration Deadline   Deficient Absentee Ballot Applications   Federal Court Order on In-Person Absentee Voting   Voter Registrations from Residents of Department of Youth Services Facilities
FAQs on Dir. 2008-59   Ballot Instructions for President and Vice President on DRE Voting Machines   Federal Court Order on Observers During Absentee Voting   Displaying Campaign Materials at a Polling Location

Secretary's Letter to President Harris & Speaker Husted

  Expense Reimbursement Reporting Forms - Directive 2008-55 Absentee Ballot Application Postage Reimbursement   Instructions for a Person Casting a Vote for Joint Write-In Candidates for President and Vice President   Questions Regarding Distribution of Food and Beverages to Voters Waiting in Line on Election Day
GAO Study on Voting Access   9/29/08 Notice - Court Order - Directive 2008-63   Logic and Accuracy Testing      
9/3/08 Alternate Polling Location Layout for DRE Counties   Ohio Supreme Court   10/17/08 Ohio Supreme Court Order on In-Person Absentee Voting      

Appendix VI: Press Releases (Includes all listed Press Releases)

Secretary Brunner Issues Historic Statewide Voting Security Best Practices   Secretary Brunner Files Reply in Lawsuit   Brunner Statement of Today's Court (En Banc) Ruling   Secretary Brunner announces 1.46 Million Ohioans Request Absentee Ballots
Success in March Prompts Secretary Brunner to Support Back-Up Paper Ballots for the Fall   Federal Court Upholds Registration, Voting Overlap   Secretary Brunner Appeals to US Supreme Court to Protect Ohioans' Voting Rights   Secretary Brunner Issues Mid-Morning Election Update, Resources for Election Day

Secretary of State Files Counterclaim in Lawsuit with Premier Election Solutions, Documents Equipment Malfunctions in Premier Voting Maching Counties

  Secretary Brunner Introduces Resources for Voter Access   U.S. Supreme Court Backs Brunner; Protects Ohio Voters   Secretary Brunner Launches Post-Election Audits
Secretary Brunner Transitions All Ohio Counties To Secure Voting Machine Delivery   9/30/08 Brunner Launches Ohio Judicial Voter Guide   Secretary of State Website Temporarily Taken Down for Security Purposes      

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