Attorneys General of the State of Ohio: 1846 - present

The office of Attorney General was established as an elective office by the Constitution of 1851, and the term of office was two years. By an amendment adopted in 1954, the term of office is now four years.

Name of Attorney GeneralPoliticsCountyTerm of Office
Henry Stanberry Rep. Franklin 1846-1851
Joseph McCormick Dem. Adams 1851-1852
George E. Pugh Dem. Hamilton 1852-1854
George W. McCook Dem. Jefferson 1854-1856
Francis D. Kimball Whig Medina 1856-
C.P. Wolcott Rep. Summit 1856-1861
James Murray Rep. Wood 1861-1863
Lyman R. Critchfield Dem. Holmes 1863-1865
William P. Richardson Unionist Washington 1865-
Chauncey N. Olds Rep. Pickaway 1865-1866
William H. West Rep. Logan 1866-1868
Francis B. Pond Rep. Morgan 1868-1872
John Little Rep. Greene 1872-1878
Isiah Pillars Dem. Allen 1878-1880
George K. Nash Rep. Franklin 1880-1883
D.A. Hollingsworth Rep. Harrison 1883-1884
James Lawrence Dem. Cuyahoga 1884-1886
Jacob A. Kohler Rep. Summit 1886-1888
David K. Watson Rep. Franklin 1888-1892
John K. Richards Rep. Lawrence 1892-1896
Frank S. Monnett Rep. Crawford 1896-1900
John W. Sheets Rep. Putnam 1900-1904
Wade H. Ellis Rep. Hamilton 1904-Nov. 1908
Ulysses G. Denman Rep. Lucas Nov. 1908-1911
Timothy S. Hogan Dem. Jackson 1911-1915
Edward C. Turner Rep. Franklin 1915-1917
Joseph McGee Dem. Jackson 1917-1919
John G. Price Rep. Franklin 1919-1923
C. C. Crabbe Rep. Madison 1923-1927
Edward C. Turner Rep. Franklin 1927-1929
Gilbert Bettman Rep. Hamilton 1929-1933
John W. Bricker Rep. Franklin 1933-1937
Herbert S. Duffy Dem. Franklin 1937-1939
Thomas J. Herbert Rep. Cuyahoga 1939-1945
Hugh S. Jenkins Rep. Mahoning 1945-1949
Herbert S. Duffy Dem. Franklin 1949-1951
C. William O’Neill Rep. Washington 1951-1957
Wm. Saxbe Rep. Champaign 1957-1959
Mark McElroy Dem. Cuyahoga 1959-1963
William B. Saxbe Rep. Champaign 1963-1969
Paul W. Brown Rep. Franklin 1969-1971
William J. Brown Dem. Mahoning 1971-1983
Anthony J. Celebrezze Jr. Dem. Cuyahoga 1983-1991
Lee Fisher Dem. Cuyahoga 1991-1995
Betty Montgomery Rep. Wood 1995-2003
Jim Petro Rep. Cuyahoga 2003-2007
Marc Dann Dem. Mahoning 2007-2008
Nancy H. Rogers   Franklin 2008-2009
Richard Cordray Dem. Franklin 2009-2011
Mike DeWine Rep. Greene 2011-2019
Dave Yost Rep. Delaware 2019-