Secretaries of State of the State of Ohio: 1788 - present

From 1802 to 1851, the Secretaries of State were elected by joint ballot of the two houses of the General Assembly, for a term of three years. Under the Constitution of 1851, the office was made elective by the people, and the length of the term was fixed at two years. By an amendment adopted in 1954, the term of office is now four years.

Name of Secretary of StatePoliticsCountyTerm of Office
Winthrop Sargent     1788-1798
William Henry Harrison     1798-1799
Charles Willing Byrd     1799-1803
William Creighton Jr. Rep.   1803-1808
Jeremiah McLene Dem. Ross (Later Franklin Co.) 1808-1831
Moses H. Kirby Whig Highland 1831-1835
Benjamin B. Hinkson Dem. Clinton 1835-1836
Carter B. Harlan Dem. Clinton 1836-1840
William Trevitt Dem. Perry 1840-1841
John Sloane Whig Jefferson 1841-1844
Samuel Galloway Whig Ross (Later Franklin Co.) 1844-1850
Henry W. King Free Soil Summit 1850-1852
William Trevitt Dem. Perry 1852-1856
James H. Baker Rep. Ross 1856-1858
Addison P. Russell Rep. Clinton 1858-1862
Benjamin R. Cowen Rep. Hamilton 1862-
Wilson S. Kennon Rep. Belmont 1862-1863
William W. Armstrong Dem. Columbiana 1863-1865
William H. Smith Rep. Hamilton 1865-1868
John Russell     1868-1869
Isaac R. Sherwood Rep. Lucas 1869-1873
Allen T. Wikoff Rep. Adams 1873-1875
William Bell Jr. Dem. Licking 1875-1877
Milton Barnes Rep. Guernsey 1877-1881
Charles Townsend Rep. Athens 1881-1883
James W. Newman Dem. Scioto 1883-1885
James S. Robinson Rep. Hardin 1885-1889
Daniel J. Ryan Rep. Scioto 1889-1891
Christian L. Poorman Rep. Belmont 1891-1893
Samuel M. Taylor Rep. Champaign 1893-1897
Charles Kinney Rep. Scioto 1897-1901
Lewis C. Laylin Rep. Huron 1901-1907
Carmi Thompson Rep. Lawrence 1907-1911
Charles H. Graves Dem. Ottawa 1911-1915
C.Q. Hildebrant Rep. Clinton 1915-1917
William D. Fulton Dem. Licking 1917-1919
Harvey C. Smith Rep. Muskingum 1919-1923
Thad H. Brown Rep. Franklin 1923-1927
Clarence J. Brown Rep. Clinton 1927-1933
George S. Myers Dem. Cuyahoga 1933-Dec. 1933
William J. Kennedy Dem. Cuyahoga Dec. 1936-Jan. 1939
Earl Griffith Rep. Morrow 1939-Apr. 1940
George M. Neffiner Rep. Clinton April 1940-Jan. 1941
John E. Sweeney Dem. Cuyahoga 1941-1943
Edward J. Hummel Rep. Hamilton 1943-1949
Charles F. Sweeney Dem. Erie 1949-1951
Ted W. Brown Rep. Clark 1951-1979
Anthony J. Celebrezze Jr. Dem. Cuyahoga 1979-1983
Sherrod Brown Dem. Richland 1983-1991
Bob Taft Rep. Franklin 1991-1999
J. Kenneth Blackwell Rep. Hamilton 1999-2007
Jennifer Brunner Dem. Franklin 2007-2011
Jon Husted Rep. Montgomery 2011-2019
Frank LaRose Rep. Summit 2019-