Treasurers of State of the State of Ohio: 1796 - present

Prior to the adoption of the Constitution of 1851, the term of the Treasurer of State was three years. Under the provisions of the Constitution of 1851, the term was two years. By an amendment adopted in 1954, the term of office is now four years.

Name of Treasurer of StatePoliticsCountyTerm of Office
John Armstrong   Washington 1796-1803
William McFarland   Jefferson 1803-1816
Hiram Mirach Curry   Champaign 1816-1820
Samuel Sullivan Dem. Muskingum 1820-1823
Henry Brown   Franklin 1823-1835
Joseph Whitehill   Union 1835-1847
Albert A. Bliss   Lorain 1847-1852
John G. Breslin Dem. Seneca 1852-1856
William H. Gibson Rep. Seneca 1856-1857
A.P. Stone Rep. Franklin 1857-1862
G. Volney Dorsey Dem. Miami 1862-1865
William Hooper Rep. Hamilton 1865-1866
S.S. Warner Rep. Lorain 1866-1872
Issac Welsh Rep. Belmont 1872-1875
Leroy Welsh Rep. Belmont 1875-1876
John M. Millikin Rep. Butler 1876-1878
Anthony Howells Dem. Stark 1878-1880
Joseph Turney Rep. Cuyahoga 1880-1884
Peter Brady Dem. Huron 1884-1886
John C. Brown Rep. Jefferson 1886-1892
William T. Cope Rep. Cuyahoga 1892-1896
Samuel B. Campbell Rep. Jefferson 1896-1900
Isaac B. Cameron Rep. Columbiana 1900-1904
William S. McKinnon Rep. Ashtabula 1904-1908
Charles C. Green Rep. Franklin 1908-1909
David S. Creamer Dem. Belmont 1909-1913
John P. Brennan Dem. Champaign 1913-1915
Rudolph W. Archer Rep. Belmont 1915-1917
Chester E. Bryan Dem. Madison 1917-1919
Rudolph W. Archer Rep. Belmont 1919-1923
Harry S. Day Rep. Sandusky 1923-1927
Bert B. Buckley Rep. Montgomery 1927-1929
Bert B. Buckley Rep. Montgomery Jan. 1929 to Feb. 1929
H. Ross Ake Rep. Stark Feb. 1929 to Nov. 1930
Edwin A. Todd Rep. Clark Nov. 1930 to Jan. 1931
Harry S. Day Rep. Sandusky 1931-1937
Clarence H. Knisley Dem. Ross 1937-1939
Don H. Ebright Rep. Summit 1939-1951
Roger W. Tracy Rep. Franklin 1951-1959
Joseph T. Ferguson Dem. Franklin 1959-1963
John D. Herbert Rep. Franklin 1963-1971
Gertrude W. Donahey Dem. Franklin 1971-1983
Mary Ellen Withrow Dem. Marion 1983-1994
*J. Kenneth Blackwell Rep. Hamilton 1994-1999
Joseph T. Deters Rep. Hamilton 1999-2005
Jennette Bradley Rep. Franklin 2005-2007
Richard Cordray Dem. Franklin 2007-2009
Kevin L. Boyce Dem. Franklin 2009-2011
Josh Mandel Rep. Cuyahoga 2011-2019
Robert Sprague Rep. Hancock 2019-

* Appointed to the unexpired term March 1, 1994, vice Mary Ellen Withrow, who resigned. He was then elected in
November 1994 to a full term.