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Defend Democracy and Serve as a Poll Worker

Innovative statewide recruitment efforts led to record new poll worker sign ups in Ohio!

  • On November 3rd, thousands of polling locations will be open.
  • 148,838 Ohioans have signed up through Defend Democracy to serve as potential poll workers.
  • Lawyers for Liberty is a first-in-the-nation partnership between the Ohio Secretary of State and the Ohio Supreme Court to offer free Continuing Legal Education credits for lawyers who serve as poll workers.
  • Second Call to Duty recruited veterans who have sworn an oath to serve their country and asked them to once again answer the call and serve their community as poll workers.
  • At a time when many nonprofits face difficulty due to the pandemic, Work A Day, Share Your Pay allows people to donate their earnings from serving as a poll worker back to the organization of their choosing.
  • Similarly, many 17-year-olds in Ohio are facing challenges in participating in extracurricular activities. Youth at the Booth offers these students a front row seat to democracy on Election Day.
  • Finally, through Heroes in Democracy, employers across Ohio, including The Ohio State University, have offered their employees a paid day off to serve as poll workers.

A big thank you to every patriotic Ohioan who has stepped up to serve as a poll worker on Election Day. 

It's not too late to sign up to be a poll worker. Find your county board of elections here.

Already Serving as a Poll Worker?

Poll Worker Recruitment Toolkits

  • General Poll Worker Recruitment Collaterals

  • Recruitment materials specific for local heroes.

  • Lawyers can earn CLE credits for serving as poll workers.

  • Specific collaterals for Ohio's Veterans.

  • Fundraising ideas for nonprofits - have people donate their poll worker's pay to your organization.

  • Encourage youth to be poll workers!