Ohio Voters with Disabilities

Voting in Ohio is accessible.

Voting in Ohio is more accessible than ever

People with disabilities have equal rights under both state and federal law. These laws ensure that people with disabilities have complete access to the voting process.Certain individuals with a personal illness, physical disability, or infirmity may be eligible to have a provisional ballot delivered to them. Please see Directive 2016-41 for more information.

Once you have successfully registered to vote in Ohio elections, the next step is to decide how you want to cast your ballot. In Ohio, voters have many different options to vote, whether you want to vote early in person, by mail or by going to your polling location on Election Day, we strive to ensure all your options for voting are accessible.


Vote In-Person

In Ohio, all voting locations must be made accessible for people with disabilities. Under state and federal law, voters with disabilities must be given the same opportunity for access and participation as any other voter. Follow this link to learn more about polling location accessibility.


Vote Curbside

At any polling place that is exempt from the accessibility requirements, if you have a disability and are unable to enter the polling place, you may vote curbside. Follow this link to learn more about curbside voting.


Vote Absentee

You can print your request and mail it in, you can request to have an application mailed to you, or you can make your own application and mail it in. Follow this link to learn how to request an absentee ballot.


Accessible Absentee Voting

A secure, accessible way of independently and privately voting as a person with a disability in Ohio. Follow this link to learn more about accessible absentee voting.