Accessible Absentee Voting in Ohio


What is Accessible Absentee Voting?

Accessible absentee voting is a ballot delivery option that allows a voter with a disability to receive their absentee ballot in an accessible format on any device connected to the Internet. The voter can access, read, and mark their ballot privately and independently using the accessible absentee voting system, using any necessary assistive technology.


1. Request

Any Ohio voter with a qualifying disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act can request a ballot using the Application for Absent Voter's Ballot by a Voter with a Disability & Request to Use Remote Ballot Marking System. Requests start on January 1st of the election year or 90 days before the election.

2. Receive

Receive a link to the accessible absentee voting system via email as well as additional instructions.

3. Mark

Mark your ballot, print, and sign!

4. Return

One option is to mail your absentee ballot in the absentee ballot return envelope. Another option is to deliver your absentee ballot in the absentee ballot return envelope to your board of elections.


  • It is secure.
  • The accessible absentee ballot marking systems are tested and certified by the State of Ohio.
  • Ballots are marked privately and offline.
  • You don’t have to explain your disability.
  • You need your device and a printer to print your completed ballot.
  • You can track your ballot just like any absentee ballot.


We're here to help! You can contact an ADA coordinator, review this list of frequently asked questions, or contact your county board of elections for assistance.