Polling Location Accessibility in Ohio

Voting in Ohio is accessible.


In Ohio, every polling location used on Election Day is required to be accessible to ensure equal access for people with disabilities. Your polling location is required to have accessible voting equipment that is available, setup, and ready for voters who may need accessibility features to mark their ballot privately and independently.

If you choose to vote at your polling location on Election Day, you must cast your ballot in your precinct at your designated polling location between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.


If you cannot mark your ballot, or if you need assistance because of your disability, you may bring someone with you to help you vote, or you may ask for assistance from two poll workers (from opposite major political parties). You may ask anyone to help you, except for the following people: a candidate whose name appears on the ballot, your employer or your employer’s agent, or an officer or agent of your union.

No one who assists you can tell you how to vote or disclose any information about how you voted.


If you have a disability and are unable to enter the polling location, you can vote curbside, outside your polling location. Curbside voting is the process followed when a person who is physically unable to enter a polling location. The person may send another person into the polling location to inform poll workers of his or her desire to vote.

Two poll workers from opposite major political parties will bring a ballot to you. You may sit in your vehicle and vote, or you may vote at the door of the building.

Need Assistance?

We're here to help! Click here to contact an ADA coordinator or here to contact your county board of elections office.