Accessible Early Voting in Ohio – Types of Early Voting

Voting in Ohio is accessible!

Accessible Early Voting

Ohio voters with disabilities have several accessible options to vote before Election Day.

Early Voting By Mail

All voters in Ohio have options to request and receive in the mail an absentee ballot to be marked at their leisure.

Learn how to request an absentee ballot by mail.

Accessible Absentee Voting

Ohio voters with disabilities can request an accessible absentee ballot, which is an absentee ballot in an accessible format that can be marked with assistive technology. This is a secure, safe, and accessible option to vote privately and independently.

Learn more about accessible absentee voting.

Early In-Person Voting

Ohio voters can vote early in person at their county-designated early voting location.

Early in-person voting is available starting the day after voter registration closes. Daytime, evening, and weekend hours are available.

Check the voting schedule for early in-person voting dates and times.

Find the early voting location for your county. 

Curbside Voting

Ohio voters with disabilities can vote curbside if they are physically unable to enter their early voting location. With curbside voting, two poll workers from opposite major political parties bring out a ballot, and voters have the option to sit in their vehicle to vote or vote at the door of the early voting location.

If early voting, arrangements must be made to vote curbside at the early voting location prior to arrival.

To get more information about curbside voting, contact your county board of elections.

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