Accessible Voting on Election Day – Election Day Voting

Voting in Ohio is accessible!

Accessible Voting on Election Day

Here are accessible voting options for Ohio voters with disabilities on Election Day.

Voting In Person

In Ohio, every polling location is required to be accessible to ensure equal access for people with disabilities. Polling locations are required to have accessible voting equipment available, setup, and ready for voters to mark their ballot privately and independently.

Voters must cast their ballot at their designated polling location between the hours of 6:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. on Election Day.

Ohio voters can find their polling location by using our Find My Polling Location feature.

Curbside Voting

Ohio voters with disabilities can vote curbside, if they are physically unable to enter their polling location. With curbside voting, two poll workers from opposite major political parties bring out a ballot, and voters have the option to sit in their vehicle to vote or vote at the door of the polling location.

On Election Day, a voter with a disability may send another person into the polling location to inform poll workers of the voter's desire to vote curbside.

To get more information about curbside voting at your polling location, contact your county board of elections.

Assistance Marking a Ballot

If a voter cannot mark their ballot, or needs assistance because of a disability, the voter may bring someone to help, or ask for assistance from two poll workers from opposite major political parties.

The voter may ask anyone to help, except for the following people:

  • a candidate whose name appears on the ballot
  • an employer or employer’s agent
  • an officer or agent of a union

No one who assists can tell a voter how to vote or disclose any information about how that person voted.

Accessible Voting Equipment

Accessible voting equipment is available at polling locations for voters who need assistance marking their ballot. Contact your board of elections for more information about these voting machine features:

  • Audio ballots
  • Braille and tactile lettering
  • Zoom screen/large print text
  • Screen/text color contrast
  • Screen height or tilt adjustments
  • Sip/puff navigation
  • Touch screen or push button navigation

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