129th General Assembly

On this page you will find information about acts signed into law during the 129th General Assembly, which ran from 2011-2012. All links to acts are PDF documents which will open in a new window. Some of the PDFs may be large, so please allow for time to download.


Disclaimer: No effective date is posted until after the Ohio Secretary of State receives the bill from the Ohio Legislative Service Commission.  Because of Ohio Supreme Court interpretations, effective dates posted here are not authoritative, and individuals using the effective dates rely upon them at their own risk. 

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House Bills

Bill No.DescriptionEffective Date
Am Sub HB 1 Form a Nonprofit Corporation that would Perform State Economic Development Functions as Directed by Law and Pursuant to a Contract with the Department of Development, and to Make an Appropriation. Effective 2/18/11
Sub HB 5 Remove the Provision Specifying that an Investigator Appointed by the Auditor of State does not have the Power and Authority to Carry a Concealed Weapon, Modify Penalties for Certain Offenses Relating to the Operation of Motor Vehicles, Allow for a Certificate of Judgment to Collect a Financial Reimbursement Sanction, Modification of a Community Control Sanction, the Substitution of a Community Control Sanction for Non-Mandatory Jail Days and Modification of a Community Service Sentence by Substituting a Contribution to the Local Entity that Funds the Court. Effective 9/23/2011
Am Sub HB 9 Make Related Changes in the Uniform Commercial Code and the Revised Code. Effective 6/29/11
Sub HB 14 To Remove Bulls from the Definition of "Vicious Dog" in State Law Effective 5/22/2012
Sub HB 18 To Authorize Grants to an Employer that Moves Operations into a Previously Vacant Facility and Increases Payroll by Hiring and Employing Employees at the Facility. Effective 8/6/2012
Sub HB 20 To Specify that the Offense of Intimidation of an Attorney, Victim, or Witness in a Criminal Case Also Applies to Delinquency Cases and Attempts to Influence, Intimidate, or Hinder a Witness to a Criminal or Delinquent Act Regardless of whether an Action or Proceeding is Pending. Effective 6/4/2012
Sub HB 21 Quality Teach for American Participants for a Resident Educator License. Effective 7/29/11
Sub HB 22 Liability of Owners of Certain Animals that are Running at Large. Effective 9/23/2011
Sub HB 27 Adopt Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act 3/22/13
HB 29 Revise the Process for Filing, a Nominating Petition for Election as a Judge of the Hamilton County Municipal Court and to Declare an Emergency. Effective 3/22/2011
Am Sub HB 30 Eliminate the Requirement that School Districts Establish Family and Civic Engagement Teams Except as Required for Implementation of Federal "Race to the Top" Grants. Sections 1,2 and 3 Effective 7/1/11; Remainder of Bill Effective 6/29/11
Sub HB 32 To Exempt Certain Plans and Measurements Relating to Household or Small Flow On-Site Sewage Treatment Effective 5/22/2012
Sub HB 36 Excuse up to Five, Instead of Three, Calamity Days for the 2010-2011 School, to Broaden Schools' Authority to Make up Calamity Days by Lengthening Remaining Days in the School Year, to Waive the Number of Hours a Community School is Closed for a Public Calamity if it Meets Certain Requirements, and to Declare an Emergency. Effective 4/13/11
Sub HB 48 Make Changes to the Law Governing Corporations and Limited Liability Companies Effective 5/4/2012
Sub HB 50 To Exempt from Municipal Income Tax the Compensation Paid to Persons Performing Personal Services for a Political Subdivision on its Property… 3/27/13
HB 54 Restoration of Civil Firearms Rights Effective 9/30/2011
Sub HB 58 To Authorize a Refundable Job Retention Tax Credit, to Temporarily Extend the Look-Back Period from Two Years to Three Years for Determining whether a State "On" Indicator Exists Based on the Total Unemployment Rate for the Purposes of State Extended Unemployment Benefits, and to Declare an Emergency. Effective 3/7/11
Am Sub HB 62 Change in Penalties for Assault of Health Care Workers or Justice System Personnel 3/22/13
Am HB 63 A Court May Give Judicial Consent for a Pregnant Minor to have an Abortion and to Require a Court to Make its Findings with Respect to such a Hearing by Clear and Convincing Evidence. Effective February 3, 2012
Sub HB 64 "Controlled Substance Analog" for Purposes of the Cobntrolled Substance Analogs as Schedule I Controlled Substances, and to Specify that the Residential and Familial Information of Probation Officers and Baliffs is not a Public Record. Effective 10/17/2011
Am Sub HB 65 Designate Various Memorial Highways and Bridges and to Create "Honor our Fallen" License Plates. Effective 9/23/2011
Sub HB 66 Requires Auditor of State to Establish Fraud Reporting System Effective 5/4/2012
HB 78 Revise the Criminal Laws Governing Post-Viability Abortions. Effective 10/20/11
HB 79 Prohibit Qualified Health Plans from Providing Coverage for Certain Abortions. Effective 3/22/2012
Am Sub HB 86

Medicaid Fraud; Workers' Comp; GPS Monitoring; Department of Rehabilitation Offenders; Department of Youth Services; Sorn Law; and to Revise Certain Provisions of the Crime Victims Reparations Law.

Effective 9/30/2011
HB 89 Designate the Second Full Week of March as Ohio Agriculture Week. Effective 6/10/11
Am Sub HB 92 To Allow an Adult to be Adopted if the Adult is the Child of the Spouse of the Adoption Petitioner EFFECTIVE 9/30/2011
Am Sub HB 93 Certain County Employees when Separating from County Service as a Result of a Transfer of the Assets of a County Hospital are not Entitled to Unused Vacation Leave from the County when the Employee Accepts Employment with the Acquiring Entity and the Entity Assumes the Unused Vacation Leave Accrued to the Employee's Credit, and to Declare an Emergency. HB 93 effective date is May 20, 2011; Under Section 4 of the bill R.C. 4729.552(C) is effective June 19, 2011.
Am Sub HB 95 Requirements for Rate Cases, and, for Natural Gas Companies, to Make Other Regulatory Changes Concerning Audits, Alternative Rate Plans and Forecast Reports, and Allowing Applications for Natural Gas Company Capital Expenditures Programs. Effective 9/9/2011
Sub HB 96 Specify Dyslexia as a Specific Learning Disability Effective 3/22/2012
Sub HB 99 Prohibit Driving a Vehicle while Writing, Sending, or Reading a Text-Based Communication on a Handheld Electronic Wireless Communications Device… Effective 8/31/2012
Am Sub HB 114 Make Appropriations for Programs Related to Transportation and Public Safety Effective 3/30/11 for Sections that are Exempt from Referendum Under Ohio Constitution Article II, Section 1D. Other Sections Subject to Referendum are Effective on 6/29/11.
Sub HB 116 Enact the "Jessica Logan Act" Regarding School Bullying Policies and Provide In-State Tuition for Some Home-Schooled Students Effective 5/4/2012
Sub HB 121 Child Custody and Visitation Rights of Parents Called to Active Military Service and to Declare an Emergency. Effective 6/9/2011
Am Sub HB 122 To Exempt State Surplus Lines Insurance from Regulation in Ohio when Ohio is not the Home State of the Insured. Effective 6/17/11
Sub HB 123 Make Appropriations for the Bureau of Workers' Compensation and the Workers' Compensation Council Effective 4/25/11 for Some Provisions According to Section 321; Other Provisions Effective 7/29/11 According to Section 322
HB 124 Make Appropriations for the Industrial Commission for the Biennium Beginning July 1, 2011, and Ending June 30, 2013, and to Provide Authorization and Conditions for the Operation of Commission Programs Effective 4/25/11 According to Section 4
Sub HB 128 Staffing Ambulances, Priorities for Distributing Grants for Emergency Medical Services, Specify Additional Titles to be Used by Emergency Medical Service Personnel, Moratorium on Issuing Fireworks Manufacturer and Wholesaler Licenses. Effective 9/23/2011
Am Sub HB 133 Create the Oil and Gas Leasing Commission Effective 9/30/2011
HB 139 Rename the Northeastern Ohio Universities Colleges of Medicine and Pharmacy as the Northeast Ohio Medical University and to Declare an Emergency Effective 4/29/11
Sub HB 143 With Regard to Concussions and Head Injuries in Youth Sports Effective 3/27/13, Except Provisions Referenced in Section 3, Effective April 26, 2013
Am HB 148 To Designate March as "Macular Degeneration Awareness Month." Effective 6/4/2012
Sub HB 152 To Exempt Amateur Boxing, Kick Boxing, Karate, or Wrestling Events that Benefit a Charitable Organization Conducted Under the Supervision of the Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio, the Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters, or the Northern Ohio Fire Fighters from Regulation by the Ohio Athletics Commission. Effective 8/6/2012
Am Sub HB 153

Budget Bill

HB 153: Some sections take immediate effect on June 30, 2011, some provisions take effect on September 29, 2011, and some provisions take effect on specific dates provided in the bill.
Sub HB 157 Authorize Educational Service Centers to Provide Teacher Professional Development on Dyslexia…. And to Declare an Emergency Effective 12/21/2011
Sub HB 158 To Codify Federal Restrictions on Local Zoning of Amateur Station Antenna Structures Effective 8/15/2012
Am Sub HB 163 Water Treatment or Supply Requirements Effective 9/30/2011
Am HB 167 To Authorize Income Tax Deduction for Taxable Portion of Pell Grant or Ohio College Opportunity Grant and to Declare Emergency…. Effective December 9, 2011
HB 184 To Designate March as "Multiple System Atrophy Awareness Month." 3/27/13
Am HB 185 To Designate the Third Week of July as "Ohio Aggregates and Industrial Minerals Awareness Week." Effective 5/22/2012
Am HB 188 To Establish the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Comission. Effective 10/17/2011
Am Sub HB 194 To Amend Certain Sections; Enact New Sections Effective 9/30/2011
Am Sub HB 197 To Require that All Moneys Collected by the Clerk of a Municipal County Court be Paid to the Appropriate Person, Fund, or Entity…. 3/22/13
Am HB 207 To Designate the Week in which Labor Day Occurs Each Year as "Ohio Coal Miners Week" Effective 9/5/2012
Sub HB 209 Permit the Treasurer of State or a Political Subdivision, upon the Deposit of Public Moneys with an Eligible Public Depository, to Arrange for the Public Depository to Redeposit those Moneys with Other Federally Insured Banks, Savings Banks and Savings and Loan Associations Effective 3/22/2012
Am HB 212 To Extend Legal Custodians the Exemption from Certain Adoptive Placement Requirements. Effective 5/22/2012
Am HB 215 To Designate the Fifteenth Day of June as "Elder Abuse Awareness Day." Effective 5/22/2012
Sub HB 218 Determine Criteria for Insurers to Exclude Off-Label Drug Use and Revises External Review Process Effective 12/26/2011
Am Sub HB 224 Revise the Law Governing Uniformed Services and Overseas Voters; Revise the Process for Casting Provisional Ballots; to Make Technical Corrections to the Laws Governing Elections, and to Declare an Emergency. Effective date for Sections 1 and 2 of Am. Sub. H.B. 224, which was filed with this office today, is October 27, 2011.  Sections 3 and 4 became effective on July 27, 2011.
Sub HB 225 New Community Authority Law Effective 3/22/2012
Sub HB 229 Revise the Laws Governing Agriculture Effective 10/17/2011
Am Sub HB 243 Revise Certain Provisions of the Liquor Law Effective 3/22/2012
Am HB 244 To Permit Paramedics to Administer Immunizations for Flu to Firefighters or Emergency Medical Technicians Effective 8/15/2012
Sub HB 247 To Authorize Certain Licensing Boards to Require Corrective Action Courses as a Form of Discipline for License Holders, to Establish Professional Licensing Santions Regarding the Crime of Human Trafficking, to Authorize a Court to Cancel Claims for Uncollectable Amounts due to a Court... 3/22/13
Sub HB 250 Establish Requirements and Procedures for Issuing Portable Electronics Insurance Effective 3/22/2012
Sub HB 251 To Regulate the Practice of Oriental Medicine, to Modify the Laws Governing the Practice of Acupuncture, and to Revise Certain Laws Governing the State Medical Board. 3/22/13
Am Sub HB 262 To Require the Attorney General Annually to Publish Statistical Data on Human Trafficking Cases in Ohio; to Delcare an Emergency. 6/27/12
Sub HB 267 To Adopt the Revised Uniform Unincorporated Nonprofit Association Act and to Revise the Merger and Consolidation Provisions of the Nonprofit Corporation Law. Effective 5/22/2012
Sub HB 268 To Modernize the Language of, to Reorganize, and to Remove Obsolete Provisions from the Jury Service Law. Effective 5/22/2012
Sub HB 274 Transfer Fees for Covenant not to Include Easements, Wayne County Water Rights and Richland County Sale of Land to Mansfield Reformatory Preservation Society 3/22/13
Sub HB 275 To Allow Suppliers and Consumers to Enter into a Right to Cure Agreement. Effective 7/3/2012
Sub HB 276 To Include Algaculture in the Laws Governing Agriculture, in the Definition of "Agriculture" for Purposes of the Laws Governing County and Township Zoning;… and to Declare an Emergency. Effective 6/4/2012, Except Section 3 Effective 3/2/2012
Sub HB 277 To Permit a Horse-Racing Permit Holder who is Eligible to Become a Video Lottery Sales Agent to Apply to the State Racing Commission to Move its Track to Another Location, and to Permit, Under Certain Circumstances for Two Years, Applications to Conduct Horse-Racing Meetings at Locations where the Meetings were not Previously Conducted.  Effective 10/17/2011
Am Sub HB 278 To Make Changes to the Law Governing Automobile Insurance Policies…. Effective 3/22/13, Except Section 3(A), Effective 9/22/13 and Section 3(B), Effective 12/22/13
Am Sub HB 279 To Require a Public Children Services Agency or Private Child Placing Agency that Obtains Temporary Custody of a Child to Attempt to Notify Certain Relatives of the… 12/20/12, Except Provisions in Section 6, Effective 3/21/13
Sub HB 280 To Qualify for a War Orphans Scholarsip… December 20, 2012, Except Provisions in Sections 1 and 2, Effective March 21, 2013
Am Sub HB 284 Modify Laws Governing Physician Assistants, Authorize Certain Nurses to Determine and Pronounce Death, and Revise Laws Governing Chemical Dependency Counseling and Other Drug Prevention. 3/22/13
Am Sub HB 292 Establish Licensure Requirements for Genetic Counselors, to Modify Certain Laws Governing the State Medical Board.. September 6, 2012 with Some Provisions Effective June 6, 2012
Am HB 302 Make the Clerk of Courts of Miami County the Clerk of the Miami County Municipal Court and to Declare an Emergency Effective 12/21/2011
Sub HB 303 To Revise the Laws Administered by the Board of Nursing and the Professionals Regulated by the board… December 20, 2012, Except for Various Provisions Specified within
Sub HB 318 Establish a Separate Primary Election on June 12, 2012… and to Make an Appropriation. Effective January 20, 2012
Sub HB 319 Establish Congressional District Boundaries for Ohio Based on 2010 Census, Makes an Appropriation Effective 9/26/2011
Sub HB 322 Permit Ohio Banks, Savings and Loan Associations, Savings Banks, and Credit Unions to Charge the Same or Lower Rates or Amounts of Interest, Fees, or Other Charges… Effective 9/4/2012
Am Sub HB 325 To Designate a Number of Memorial Highways. 3/22/13
Sub HB 326 To Prohibit Any Person from Knowingly Conducting any Transaction of Public Funds to the Benefit of Any Political Campaign Effective 9/5/2012
Sub HB 327 Employers who Meet Cerain Wage and Other Requirements to Receive a Job Creation Tax Credit… 9/6/12
Am HB 331 To Create the Cybersecurity, Education, and Economic Development Council. 9/28/12
Sub HB 334 To Establish Procedures Regarding the Participation of Pharmacies, Retailers, and the Attorney General in Electronically Tracking Pseudophedrine and Ephedrine Product Sales… December 20, 2012, Except Provisions Referenced in Section 3, Effective March 21, 2012
Sub HB 337 To Make Changes in the Law Including; Governing Commercial Drivers' Licenses, Revise the Law Governing Self-Sufficiency Contracts, to Eliminate Requirements that the Department of Job and Famiy Services Employ… Declare an Emergency Effective 1/27/2012
Sub HB 341 Make Changes to the Law Governing Fraternal Benefit Societies, the Laws Regulating Insurance Company Investments, and the Law Regulating Adverse Benefit Determinations. 9/6/12
Sub HB 347 To Authorize the Legislative Authority of a Statutory Nonchartered Village to be Composed of Five Instead of Six Members… 3/22/13
Am HB 349 Make Changes in Certain Provisions Relating to Road Signs and Traffic Signals Effective 4/20/2012
Sub HB 360 Changes in 911 Authority and Revise Collection of Wireless 911 Charge and to Declare an Emergency 12/20/12
Am Sub HB 364 Establish Standards for the Securitization of Costs for Electric Distribution Utilities Effective 3/22/2012
Sub HB 365 Allow Taxpayers who Claim an Enhanced Federal Income Tax Depreciation Deduction to Reduce the Amount of the Deduction the Taxpayer Must Add-Back for Ohio 3/13/13
Sub HB 369 To Establish Congressional Distrit Boundaries; Eliminate the Requirement that Ohio Conduct Two Primary Elections in 2012…..and to Declare an Emergency Effective 12/15/2011
Sub HB 371 Local Government Innovation Program and to Make an Appropriation Effective 3/22/2012
Sub HB 379 To Permit, for Water-Works and Sewage Disposal System Companies, Certain Rate-Calculation Adjustments…. 3/27/13
Am Sub HB 380 To Require Claimants in Asbestos Tort Actions to Make Certain Disclosures… 3/27/13
Am Sub HB 383 Changes Relative to Residential Construction and the Consumer Sales Practices Act and to Establish Laws Governing the Practices of Home Construction Service Suppliers. Effective 8/31/2012
Am Sub HB 386 Changes to the Law Regarding Video Lottery Terminals, Casino Gambling, BINGO and Instant BINGO, and Horse Racing… to Make Appropriations, and to Declare an Emergency Emergency Effective 6/11/12; Except that the Amendment to Section 3769.0810 of the Revised Code shall be Effective 7/1/2015
Am HB 389 To Establish Requirements and Procedures Governing Propagating and Hunting Captive Deer and to Revise the Law Governing Wild Animal Hunting Preserves. Effective 6/29/2012
Am HB 408 Change the Composition of Certain Metropolitan Housing Authorities. 9/6/12
Am HB 415 To Modify the Agricultural Linked Deposit Program with Respect to the Maximum Amount the Treasurer of State may Invest in Agricultural Linked Deposits, the Interest Rate at which Loans are Made Under the Program, and the Maximum Loan Amount. 9/28/12
Sub HB 417 Regarding Responsibility for Notifying Patients that a Physician's Employment by a Health Care Entity has been Terminated. 3/22/13
Sub HB 420 To Require Commercial Nuisance Wild Animal Control Operators that Provide Nuisance Wild Animal Removal or Control Services to be Licensed by the Chief of the Division of Wildlife…. 3/27/13
HB 423 To Provide for the Dissolution of a Joint Recreation District. 3/13/13
Am HB 436 Create the SiteOhio Certification Program within the Department of Development to Certify and Market Eligible Commerical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Sites and Facilities Effective 9/4/2012
HB 437 To Increase the Number of Miles a School District may Authorize its Motor Vehicles for Out-of-State Travel. 9/28/12
Sub HB 458 To Modify the Call Before You Dig Notification System. 3/27/13
HB 459 To Declare that Ohio is a "Purple Heart State." 3/22/13
Am Sub HB 461 To Establish a Statutory Collaborative Family Law Process… 3/22/13
Am Sub HB 472 To Contingently Revise the 9-1-1 Law…. December 20, 2012, Except the Provisions Referenced in Section 4 are Repealed Section Effective January 1 2014
Am HB 473 Establish a Program for the Issuance of Permits for the Withdrawal and Consumptive Use of Waters from the Lake Erie Basin Effective 9/4/2012
Sub HB 479 To Adopt the Ohio Legacy Trust Act; to Modify Certain Property Rigths in the Ohio Trust Code… 3/27/13
Sub HB 481 To Authorize the Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors to Issue Courtesy Licenses to Allow Funeral 3/22/13
Sub HB 482 Make Capital Appropriations and Make Changes Related to the Laws Governing Capital Projects Effective 7/3/2012
Am Sub HB 487

Mid-Biennial Budget Review Bill

Some Sections Effective 6/11/2012; Other Sections Effective 9/10/2012
Am Sub HB 490 To Change the Law Regarding a County Recorder's Release of a Veteran's Record of Discharge, to Modify the Duties of the Director of Veterans Services…. 9/28/12
Sub HB 491 To Designate June as "Ohio Wines Month" and to Allow Certain Agency Liquor Stores to Sell Beer… 9/6/12
Am HB 492 Designate May as Melanoma and Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month and Designate April 27 as Emma "Grandma" Gatewood Day. 3/22/13
Am Sub HB 495 To Repeal the Competency Certification Currently Required for Renewal of a Concealed Handgun License… 3/27/13
Am Sub HB 508 Changes to the Laws Governing the Assessmet, Levy, and Collection of Taxes.. September 6, 2012 with Some Provisions Effective June 6, 2012
Am Sub HB 509 To Make Changes to the Laws Governing Local Governments, to Expressly Define "Residential Property" for the Purpose of the Existing Limitation on Tax Exemption for such Property Under the Tax Increment Financing Law; to Modify the Deadline for the Certification to the Ballot of the Major Political Parties' Candidates for President and Vice-President for the November 6, 2012, General Election, and to Declare an Emergency Certain Provisions Effective  6/26/2012; Other Provisions Effective 9/28/2012
Am Sub HB 510 To Impose a New Tax on Financial Institutions and Dealers in Intangibles… 3/27/13
Sub HB 525 To Revise Management of Municipal School Districts and Community Schools Located within Municipal School Districts; to Authorize Municipal School Districts to Levy Property Taxes the Revenue from which may be Shared with Partnering Community Schools 10/1/12
Sub HB 532 Revise Ohio Military Medal of Distinction Law, Allow Certain Colleges to Construct Housing Facilities, Expand Areas for Stark County Water and Sewage Extension, Permit School Districts to Allow Leaseholder to Purchae Athletic Field and Sell or Lease Property to a STEM School, and Make an Appropriation. 3/22/13
HB 543 To Enact the "Jason Flatt Act" to Require Public Schools to Train Staff in Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention. Effective 3/22/13, Except Under Section 4, division (c) of RC 3319.073, Effective 11/4/12
Am Sub HB 555 To Create a New Academic Performance Rating System… Effective 3/22/13,Except Provision Referenced in Section 7, Effective 1/1/15
Sub HB 606 To Abolish a Judgeship of the Youngstown Municipal Court… 3/22/13

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Senate Bills

Bill No.DescriptionEffective Date
Am Sub SB 2 To Adopt a New Business Rule Review Procedure. Effective 6/7/11, Except Provisions Referenced in Sections 3 and 4 Effective on 1/1/12
Sub SB 4 Require Performance Audits of Most State Agencies, to Loan Funds to State Agencies and Local Public Offices to Pay for Performance Audits, and to Make an Appropriation. Effective 4/5/11 According to Section 5 of the Act
Am Sub. SB 5

Makes Various Changes to Laws Concerning Public Employees, Including Collective Bargaining, Salary Schedules and Compensation, Layoff Procedures, and Leave.

Effective 7/01/2011
Sub SB 17 Improperly Handling Firearms in a Motor Vehicle that No Longer would be a Crime Under the Bill Effective 9/30/2011
Sub SB 19  To Permit a Judge to Elect to Order the Registrar of Motor Vehicles not to Suspend the Probationary Driver's License, Restricted License, or Temporary Instruction Permit of Certain Juvenile Repeat Traffic Violators… 9/28/12
Am SB 22 Extent Allowable Under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Effective 9/30/2011
Sub SB 38 May as "ALS Awareness Month." Effective 1/13/2012
Am SB 40 To Designate November as "Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Awareness Month" and to Require the Department of Health to Include on its Web Site Information Regarding the Syndrone. 3/13/13
Am Sub SB 70 To Establish a Registry for Arson Offenders. 7/1/13
Am SB 71 To Amend Section 5709.081 of the Revised Code to Authorize Property Tax Exemption for Municipally Owned Facilities Housing Independent Professional Minor League Baseball Teams. Effective 9/15/2011
SB 73 Allow Manufacturers of Nonbeverage Food Products to Purchase a Wholesale Beer and Intoxicating Liquor from A and B Liquor Permit Holders. Effective 7/22/11
SB 80 Designate a Portion of United States Route 322 within Cleveland Heights the "Officer Thomas F. Patton II Memorial Highway." Effective 7/13/11
Am Sub SB 83 To Authorize the Board of Nursing to Take Disciplinary Actions for Self-Administration of Schedule I Controlled Substances. Effective 6/8/2012
SB 84 Advertising or Conducting a Live Musical Performance or Production in Ohio through the Use of a False, Deceptive, or Misleading Affiliation Effective 9/30/2011
SB 101 May as "Substance Abuse Awareness and Education Month." Effective 1/13/2012
Sub SB 114 Establish Conditions for Operation of Certain Specialized Motor Vehicles 3/22/13
Sub SB 117 To Adopt the Uniform Power of Attorney Act; Modify a Trustee's Duties Effective 3/22/2012
SB 120 Legal Adviser of All Tax-Supported Public Libraries. Effective 9/30/2011
SB 122 To Repeal the Current Interstate Compact on Juveniles, and to Declare an Emergency. Effective 6/30/2011
Am Sub SB 124 Changes Relative to the Probate Code Effective 1/13/2012
Sub SB 130 To Regulate Certain Dog Breeding Kennels and Dog Retailers. 3/13/13
SB 132 To Enact Section 5533.359 of the Revised Code to Designate the Bridge that will Span the Cuyahoga River in Cuyahoga County and will be Part of Interstate 90 and has an Approximate Scheduled Completion Date of Late 2016 or Early 2017 the "George V. Voinovich Bridge." Effective 9/15/2011
Am SB 134 To Designate March 30 as "Vietnam Veterans' Day," and to Declare an Emergency. Effective 3/30/2012
Am SB 135 To Designate the Month of September as "Craniofacial Acceptance Month." 3/13/13
Sub SB 139 To Establish Certain Financial Capacity Requirements for Professional Employer Organizations, Clarify Rights and Liabilities of Professional Organizations and Client Employers, and Make Other Changes to the Professional Employer Organization Law. Effective 3/22/13, Except Provision Referenced in Section 3, Effective 4/1/2013
Sub SB 141 To Authorize a Licensed Physician, Chiropractor, or Physical Therapist from Another State to Provide Services to an Out-of-State Athletic Team… 3/27/13
Am SB 155 Designate February 20 as "John Glenn Friendship 7 Day" and to Declare an Emergency Effective 12/21/2011
Am Sub SB 160 To Require Automatic Notice to Victims of Aggravated Murder, Murder, First, Second, or Third Degree Felony Offenses of Violence, or Offenses Punishable by a Sentence of Life Imprisonment of Certain Prisoner or Alleged Juvenie Offender Release or Transfer Proceedings Unless the Victim has Requested that the Notice not be Provided.... 3/22/13
Am Sub SB 165 To Include Content on Specified Historical Documents in the State Academic Standards and in the High School American History and Government Curriculum. Effective 6/29/2012
Sub SB 171 To Terminate the Operation of Certain Provisions of this Act, and to Declare an Emergency. Effective 6/30/2011
Sub SB 179 Create the "Ohio Geology" License Plate; Require the Ohio Geology Advisory Council to Establish and Administer a Grant Program Utilizing the Contributions; Eliminate a Provision in the Special Vehicle Law; Relocate the Portion of State Route 170 Designated as the "CPL. Kenneth Tyler Butler Memorial Highway,"; Require the Director of Transportation to Establish the Business Logo Sign Program and its Fees by Rule. Effective7/3/2012
Sub SB 187 Designate a Portion of United States Route 322 within Geauga County Only the "Chief Warrant Officer Christopher R. Thibodeau Memorial Highway," Designate a Portion of Interstate Route 71 within Franklin County Only the "Deputy Marty Martin Memorial Highway," to Rename the "Heath Warner Memorial Highway," to Establish Maximum Wheel and Axle Load Limits The effective date of Sub. S.B. 187, which was filed with this office today, is October 27, 2011, except that R.C. 5577.042 and 5577.043, as amended, became effective on July 27, 2011.
Am Sub SB 193 To Make Changes to the Law Governing Scrap Metal Dealers and Bulk Merchandise Dealers. 9/28/12
Sub SB 196 Make Changes to Ohio's Business Opportunity Plan Law. 9/28/12
SB 199 To Designate October 13 as Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day. 3/13/13
Sub SB 202 Specify the Responsibility of a Possessor of Real Property to a Trespasser… 9/6/12
Sub SB 208 Make Changes to Ohio's Uniform Commercial Code; Provide that the Joint Legislative Ethics Committee is the Appropriate Ethics Commission for Matters Related to the Public Member Appointees to the Constitutional Modernization Commission. Effective 7/3/2012
Am SB 222 Requires Certain Flags to be Displayed at Rest Areas on Interstates and Ohio Turnpike 3/22/13
Am Sub SB 223 To Investigate the Offenses of Unauthorized Use of Property and Telecommunications Fraud and to Modify the Penalties for Telecommunications Fraud. Effective 6/8/2012
Sub SB 224 To Shorten the Period of Limitations for Actions upon a Contract in Writing. 9/28/12
Am Sub SB 243 To Modify the Laws Governing the Intrastate Mutual Aid Compact, the Volunteer Database of the Department of Health and the Emergency Management Agency, to Address the Transmittal of Certain Data to the National Emergency Medical Services Information System and to Revise Ambulance Staffing Requirements Effective 7/3/2012
Am SB 245 Establish Mandatory Training for Used Motor Vehicle Dealers. Effective 9/4/2012
SB 247 To Designate the Ninth Day of July as "Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Day." Effective 6/8/2012
Am SB 258 To Create the Statewide Blue Alert Program. Effective 6/8/2012
Am SB 260 To Designation May as "Pediatric Stroke Awareness Month." Effective 8/6/2012
Sub SB 264 Incentive Payments and Quality Bonuses Paid to Nursing Facilities Under the Medicaid Program Some Sections Effective 7/1/2012; Other Sections Effective 3/22/2012
Sub SB 268 Taking of a DNA Sample from a Person who is Charged with a Felony but not Arrested… Effective 8/6/2012
Am Sub SB 275 To Correct the Legal Property Description in a Previously Authorized Conveyance of State-Owned Real Estate… Effective 9/4/2012
Sub SB 289 Cogeneration Technology Using Waste or Byproduct Gas from an Air Contaminant Source as a Renewable Energy Resource. Effective7/16/2012
Sub SB 294 To Revise the Laws Governing Environmental Protection Effective 9/5/2012
Sub SB 295 To Repeal Versions of Revised Code to Continue in Operation the Provisions of the Election Law Currently in Effect Effective 8/15/2012
Sub SB 298 Changes in Revised Code Relating to Liquor Permits 3/22/13
Am SB 300 To Designate the Bridge Spanning the Vermillion River and to Designate a Portion of State Route 800 in Harrison County as the "Trooper George Conn Memorial Highway." 3/13/13
Sub SB 301 Amend Sections of the Revised Code Regarding Enforcement Powers of Certain Health Care Professional Licensing Boards, Regulation of Pain Management Clinics, Limits on Prescriber-Furnished Controlled Substances, and Classifications of Certain Controlled Substances 3/13/13
Sub SB 302 Revise Requirements Governing Background Investigations for Purposes of the Solid, Hazardous, and Infectious Wastes Law. 9/6/12
Sub SB 304 To Designate the Month of May as "Better Hearing and Speech Month." 3/22/13
Am Sub SB 305 To Prohibit Designing, Building, Constructing, Fabricating, Modifying, or Altering a Vehicle to Create or Add a Hidden Compartment… 9/28/12
Sub SB 309 Revise the Rule-Making Authority of the Director of Agriculture Regarding Fertilizers, Specifically Anhydrous Ammonia 12/26/12
Sub SB 310 To Establish Requirements Governing the Possession of Dangerous Wild Animals and Restricted Snakes Effective 9/5/2012
Sub SB 312 Revise the Law for New STEM School Proposals through July 31, 2010, to Modify the Adult and Juvenile Correctional Facilities Bond Retirement Fund, and to Make Capital Reappropriations for the Biennium Ending June 30, 2014. Effective 6/29/2012
Am Sub SB 314 Rename the Department of Development the "Development Services Agency"; to Establish the Office of TourismOhio within the Development Services Agency,….. 9/28/12
Am Sub SB 315 Changes to the Energy and Natural Resources Laws… Some Sections Effective 6/11/2012; Other Sections Effective 9/10/2012
Am Sub SB 316

To Revise Authorizations and Conditions with Respect to Education, Workforce Development, and Early Childhood Care; and to Revise the Law Governing Type B Family Day-Care Homes on January 1, 2014.

Effective 9/24/2012
Am SB 321 To Authorize the State Library Board to Establish Library Districts for Associations Libraries, to Make Other Changes to the Law Governing the Organization, Governance, and Operation of Public Libraries, and to Declare an Emergency. 6/26/12
Sub SB 333 Allow Issuance of Temporary Mortgage Loan Originator License, Make Changes Regarding Derivative Transactions by Banks and Make Changes to Uniform 3/22/13
Am Sub SB 337 Exclude Most Juvenile Proceedings and Adjudications from Criminal Records Checks… 9/28/12
Sub SB 340 Revise the Law Governing the Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund. 12/26/12
Sub SB 341 Revise the Law Governing the School Employees Retirement System. 12/26/12
Sub SB 342 Revise the Law Governing the State Teachers Retirement System. 12/26/12
Sub SB 343 Revise the Law Governing the Public Employees Retirement System. 12/26/12
Sub SB 345 Revise the Law Governing the State Highway Patrol System. 12/26/12

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Joint Resolutions

AM HJR #1 Change the age at and after which a person may be elected or appointed to a judicial office 7/6/2011
AM HJR #4 Authorizing a joint session of the Ohio General Assembly to move the State of the State 1/31/2012

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Sub HB 231 To establish a program for the issuance of permits for the withdrawal and comsumptice use of waters from the Lake Erie basin (PDF) 7/19/11 Vetoed in it's entirety on 7/15/11 by Governor - passed by General Assembly on 6/28/11 - presented to Governor on 7/6/11 - returned to House clerk on 7/15/11

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Statewide Ballot Issues


State Issue 1: Proposed Constitutional Amendment by joint resolution to increase the maximum age for assuming elected or appointed judicial office from 70 to 75; to eliminate the General Assembly's authority to establish courts of conciliation

State Issue 2: Proposed Referendum on Amended Sub. S.B. 5

State Issue 3: Proposed Constitutional Amendment by initiative petition to preserve the freedom of Ohioans to choose their health care and health care coverage


State Issue 1: Shall there be a convention to revise, alter, or amend the Constitution?

State Issue 2: Proposed Constiutional Amendment to create a state-funded commission to draw legislative and congressional districts


Members of the 129th General Assembly

List of O.R.C. sections affected

Laws passed in 2011 | | Uncodified Sections Affected, 2011

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