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Yours In Service Issue #6

A Note from Secretary LaRose:

Ohio’s 2020 primary election is Tuesday, March 17th. County boards of elections are working hard to run a secure and convenient election that voters can trust! Remember, there are important decisions to be made this primary election for both democrats and republicans -- not just the presidential primary ballot, but there are local races, levies-- even Sunday liquor sales and more. Voters across the state will have the opportunity to vote in a total of 482 local issues and questions across 83 of our 88 counties. Find out more information, including polling locations, at!

Ohio is a national leader in election security. As we get closer to election day, it's important for all Ohioans to note that our state is a leader in national security. We have worked hard for a year to elevate our defensive posture by embracing a comprehensive, multi-faceted security strategy. The world is watching when Ohio holds an election and we are ready to shine. 

We have come a long way on early voting and security in the last twenty years. Ohioans previously needed a reason to vote absentee and had limited early in-person voting. We now have vote by mail for any reason and nearly a month of early voting, including some weekend days. As the threats to our election system have increased, Ohio has put in place a comprehensive election security strategy. Additionally, we’re taking on disinformation attacks by arming community leaders with the information they need so they don’t fall victim. 

While we can’t predict every single challenge we’re going to face this election season, we’re certain that Ohio is prepared than ever. 

I encourage you to keep reading to see some of what my team and I have been working on this past month leading up to the March election!

Yours in service,




Working With Minority Community Leaders to Fight Disinformation

The Secretary hosted minority community leaders to discuss how to spot and stop disinformation.

"They don’t want us to be here talking and that’s why we’re here talking,” LaRose said. “What our foreign adversaries are doing is sort of flooding the zone with disinformation and confusion that causes people to say, ‘maybe I shouldn’t vote’.” Click here to read more.

It’s Easy to Vote From Home


Frank and Lauren showed how easy it is to fill out their absentee ballot – doing so right from their kitchen table. Ohioans can be confident that their voice will be heard and their ballot is accurately counted. Click here to learn more.

Educating Campaign Professionals About Election Security


Campaigns are certainly at risk of being a target for cyber-attack. Working in partnership with USC, Google, and DHS, we hosted a special training session for political professionals and campaign managers to ensure they are as prepared to protect their campaign from attack. Click here to learn more.

Welcoming 219 New Citizens to Our Big American Family

LaRose was the featured speaker at the Ohio Statehouse naturalization ceremony, encouraging all Americans to exercise their right to vote and register. After the ceremony, 177 new Americans became registered voters.

Putting Strong Minority Businesses in the Spotlight 


Entrepreneurship is one of many strengths within Ohio’s minority communities. This month we highlighted six minority-owned businesses that are shining examples of how minority-owned businesses are thriving, and will continue to thrive, in the Buckeye State. 

Voting Schedule


Preparing for Coronavirus

While Ohio has no confirmed cases of Coronavirus, we’re doing our part to ensure our election system is prepared. From disease prevention, to basic hygiene and logistics, we’re working with federal, state, and local partners to ensure our polling locations are ready.

Here is a reminder for anyone who has a personal concern about being in public over the next nine days: There is still time to take advantage of Ohio's vote from home program. Visit to get your absentee ballot today!

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