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Yours in Service Issue #1

A Note from Secretary LaRose:

Welcome to our new monthly newsletter! As you’ll see, the focus of these monthly updates is to make sure you’re informed about everything we’re working on at the SoS office to build a thriving democracy and prosperous economy for every Ohio family. Since my days in the military, I’ve closed my letters with “Yours in service”, because whether I was overseas or working to make our elections secure, accurate and accessible, it’s my honor to be a servant leader for others. Thanks for taking the time to read this short update, and I hope to see you real soon.

Yours in service,


Giving Eligible Ohioans a Fresh Start

Secretary LaRose carried out his legally required obligation to maintain accurate voter rolls through Ohio's general list maintenance process. Of the 234,879 registrations that were subject to cancellation, over 40,000 registrations remained active thanks to Secretary LaRose's unprecedented transparency, partnership with community groups, and the development of new protections put in place in early September. Click here to learn more about a Fresh Start for Ohio voters.

Voting Starts for Military & Overseas Ohioans

Click here for information on voting for military and overseas Ohioans.

Partnering with the NAACP

Click here to see a speech from Andre Washington, APRI President.

Secretary LaRose spoke at the 89th Annual NAACP State Conference in Toledo. Click here to see a speech from Andre Washington, APRI President.

Combating Campaign Finance Fraud

LaRose introduced new legislation with Representative George Lang (R-West Chester) to combat campaign finance fraud. The bill will require the campaign treasurer’s signature to be verified by a third-party notary on the Designation of Treasurer form. Click here to learn more about fighting campaign finance fraud.

Business Numbers Growing

In August, Ohio had 10,812 new business filings. The state continues to see strong growth and is on pace to set a new record for new business growth. Click here to learn more about growing business filings in Ohio.

Raising the Bar for Vendors

Over the past two months, Secretary LaRose has provided unprecedented levels of transparency into the voter list maintenance efforts and partnered with statewide and community organizations to raise the bar on list accuracy. In the course of that process, it’s been made very clear that the vendors that serve county boards of elections require oversight and meaningful standards to ensure voter registration systems are secure and accurate. Senator Rulli (R-Salem) introduced SB 194, a new bill that will make that a reality. Click here to learn more about raising the bar for vendors.

Co-Chairs Announced to Commemorate Women’s Suffrage

Secretary LaRose appointed Senator Stephanie Kunze (R-Hilliard) and Senator Sandra Williams (D-Cleveland) to Co-Chair the Women's Suffrage Centennial Commission.

This commission was established to commemorate the centennial of women winning the right to vote and educate young Ohioans on the 19th Amendment’s historical significance and modern day impact. Click here to learn more about Ohio's Women's Suffrage Centennial Commission.

Innovating How Ohio Notarizes

Click here to learn more about the Notary Modernization Act.

Register to Vote Today

Click here to register to vote.

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