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Early Voting Has Begun in the 2021 Ohio Primary Election

Ohio is a National Leader in Early Voting Opportunities

COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is reminding voters that early voting starts today in the 2021 Primary Election. Ohio has some of the most voter-friendly, accessible early voting opportunities in the nation. With four weeks of early in-person voting, Ohio outpaces the early voting period national average by 47.3%. Additionally, Ohio is one of just 20 states that allow early voting on Saturdays and one of just five that has statewide early voting on a Sunday.

“Our elections have been so successful because over time we’ve developed a strong, secure, and accessible system that’s empowered voters with extensive opportunities to make their voice heard,” said LaRose. “This primary season is just as important as any other election, and with elections happening across 60 counties, it’s going to have a big impact in communities across Ohio.”

The list of issues on the ballot can be found by clicking here. This list does not include local races for elected office as those are tracked only by county boards of elections.

The early voting schedule can be found below, or by clicking here

Ohioans can find their early voting location by visiting their county board of elections by clicking here.

Additionally, today absentee ballots may begin being sent to those who have requested one. Absentee voting in Ohio is time-tested and has strong security checks in place. Ohioans have utilized absentee voting for nearly two decades, and that has allowed Ohio to put in place both the laws and processes necessary to make absentee voting secure against fraud.

  • Voter identification and signature are checked TWICE during the process
  • Voter list maintenance allows for accurate voter rolls
  • Ballot harvesting is against the law in Ohio
  • Voters able to track their ballot on

These requirements and processes, as well as strict laws against voter fraud, have made absentee voting secure in Ohio and instances of voter fraud exceedingly rare.


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