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LaRose Releases Final Early Voting Numbers for the November 2nd Election

COLUMBUS – Tomorrow is Election Day! 377,399 voters have cast their absentee ballot or voted early statewide. Of those, 172,886 cast their ballot early in-person. This data includes all ballots received and processed through 2:00pm on Monday afternoon. Total absentee and early in-person ballots cast are 17.8% (57,100) more than at the same point in November 2019.

Any outstanding absentee ballots must be postmarked by today, November 1st, or delivered to the voter’s respective county board of elections by 7:30pm on November 2nd. All absentee ballots received by the county board of elections by the close of polls on November 2nd will be included in the unofficial vote totals released on election night. Outstanding ballots that are postmarked by November 1st and received by the county board of elections within 10 days after the election will be included in the final official results that are released upon the conclusion of the official canvass. Every properly cast ballot will be counted.

Ohio voters enjoy more hours for early in-person voting than voters in 43 other states. We are one of 20 states that offers voting on Saturdays and one of just five states that allow for voting on a Sunday.

“Ohioans trust their elections because we make it easy to vote and hard to cheat,” said LaRose. “There is no such thing as an ‘off-year’ election and voters have been proving that by coming out and making their voices heard in this important election over the past four weeks. Election Day is here and once again Ohio is ready.”

Ballots cast early in-person 2021: 172,886 2019: 125,671. Total absentee and early ballots cast 2021: 377,399 2019: 320,299. All data as of 1 day from election day.

County-by-county data may be found by clicking here (XLSX).

Of the 42 states that run a traditional absentee voting system, a comprehensive review by the Brookings Institute in 2020 determined no state does it better than Ohio. SOURCE: Ohioans can learn more about absentee voting at

Absentee voting in Ohio is time-tested and has strong security checks in place.

  • Ohioans have utilized absentee voting for nearly two decades, and that has allowed Ohio to put in place both the laws and processes necessary to make absentee voting secure against fraud.
  • Voter identification and signature are checked TWICE during the process.
  • Voter list maintenance allows for accurate voter rolls.
  • Ballot harvesting is against the law in Ohio.
  • Voters are able to track their ballot on

These requirements and processes, as well as strict laws against voter fraud, have made absentee voting secure in Ohio and instances of voter fraud exceedingly rare. View the Ohio Election Security Fact Sheet by clicking here.

Unofficial results for the 11th and 15th congressional district special election will be available on election night at


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