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LaRose Issues Statement on Ohio Supreme Court's Ruling to Dismiss Challenges to 2022 Congressional Redistricting Map

COLUMBUS - Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose issued the following statement today regarding the Ohio Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss two lawsuits filed against him challenging the 2022 congressional redistricting map:

“The court took this action at the request of the plaintiffs, who asked to dismiss these cases. It’s oddly convenient that these groups now suddenly consider the map to be constitutional. The reality here is that allies of one political party tried to game the system by getting an outcome they wanted from the previous hyper-partisan court majority. Now that the integrity of the Ohio Supreme Court has been restored, the plaintiffs are effectively admitting their lawsuits are without merit and unlikely to succeed. They’ve wasted taxpayer dollars, confused Ohio voters and abused Ohio’s election officials by forcing a bifurcated primary election last year. Now they’re trying to game the outcome again by withdrawing their frivolous lawsuits in hopes of keeping a map they’ve for months decried as unconstitutional. The hypocrisy of these folks knows no end.”

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