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The Ohio Secretary of State Reinforces @Verifyohio as the Trusted Resource for Information on Elections and Entrepreneurship

The social media account is the hub for the quickest, most accurate information.

COLUMBUS – Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is celebrating nearly a year of @VerifyOhio, a digital initiative launched last year aimed at educating Ohioans on two of the core functions of his office: elections and entrepreneurship. In its first year, the account has become the trusted source of accurate information.

The account can be found on all major platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The initiative has successfully battled misinformation by fact-checking myths, addressing commonly asked questions, and helping prepare Ohioans for upcoming elections. These important functions have helped direct Ohioans to solutions and accurate information, including on Election Day with our "rapid response" operations.

“The challenges presented by widespread, misinformation on the internet persist, and this has been especially detrimental to trust in the elections process," said Secretary LaRose. "My office has had success in combating these concerns and @VerifyOhio has been a powerful tool. For Ohioans with questions or concerns seeking quick, accurate answers, @VerifyOhio is the place to go."

In 2022, the Ohio Secretary of State garnered national attention for its efforts to combat election misinformation, from the New York Times and the Brookings Institution. The office is proud to reinforce @VerifyOhio has a continuation of that legacy.

Verify Ohio

The @VerifyOhio project is part of the Ohio Secretary of State’s Public Integrity Division, which is responsible for consolidating many of the office’s investigative functions. Investigative functions include campaign finance reporting, voting system certification, voter registration integrity, the investigation of election law violations, data retention & transparency, and cybersecurity protocols.

Follow @VerifyOhio on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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