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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending June 26, 2020

We CARES About All 88 County BoE’s

In the weeks before the end of the 2020 primary, our office began working with our county boards of elections to assess their needs for PPE, increased election infrastructure, poll workers, and temporary personnel in preparation for the general election. Recently, the Ohio Controlling Board authorized the use of federal dollars to allow the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office to send absentee ballot request forms to all 7.8 million registered voters in Ohio, as well as funding to provide the additional support our counties need to succeed. We are currently preparing a directive that will provide guidance for counties about how to utilize CARES dollars that are coming their way.

SoS Regional Liaisons Visit County Commissioners

Secretary LaRose has six regional liaisons representing him across all 88 counties.  These liaisons are working hard with county commissioners in their regions to discuss the importance of the November 2020 election and business concerns during the pandemic. This week, LaRose’s Southern Ohio Regional Liaison, Lori Baldridge, visited Highland County Commissioner’s for an update. Click here to learn more

Are You Ready for November?

We are encouraging Ohioans to check and update their registration in order to be ready to vote this November. Have you moved recently? Are you sure you are registered? In just a few clicks, you can check and update your voter registration information at Don’t wait!

Reinvigorating Lordstown

The people of Lordstown have gone through an especially difficult time over these past few years. This week’s launch of the first electric vehicle ever produced in Ohio by Lordstown Motors signifies new hope and a bright future for the community. Representatives from the Ohio Secretary of State’s office were there to present a proclamation. 

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