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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending October 2, 2020

Ohio is Ready for November

Today Secretary LaRose hosted the final meeting of the Ready for November Task Force. This finale recap, almost one month from the election, discussed Ohio’s poll worker preparedness efforts, absentee ballot numbers, best practices from experts on election law, absentee ballots, cybersecurity, the USPS, and creating a healthy environment for both poll workers and voters. Click here to watch.


Secretary LaRose took to social media this week to address several concerns and instences of misinformation that have arisen recently.

Regarding election reporting in Ohio


Regarding absentee ballot applications voters received in the mail


Regarding a comment about tampering with absentee ballots


Poll workers will be Ready for November

The Secretary joined more than 120 Anthony Wayne High School students to answer their questions on the coming election, recruit them to be poll workers through the “Youth at the Booth” program, and encourage them to run for public office!


The Secretary met with Franciscan University student leaders to discuss what they can do to encourage college student poll worker participation and voter registration.


Ohio REALTORS announced that their members who sign up and serve as poll workers this November will receive continuing education credits! This week Secretary LaRose spoke with their members about voter education. 


Ohio State University announced this week that OSU will be joining companies and organizations throughout the state in offering their employees a paid day off to serve as a poll worker this November. Thank you President Johnson and team for leading on this important issue!


America learns what Ohio is doing to be Ready for November

Click here to see Secretary LaRose talking about election preparedness with hosts Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes on Good Morning America


Important Election Information: 

  • Absentee Ballots Applications Received: 2,000,489
  • Poll Worker Tracker: 19,274 Poll Workers Still Needed to Reach Goal
  • Last day to register to vote is October 5th
  • Absentee Ballots start being sent out October 6th


Additional Events:

  • Zoomed into the Troy Chamber of Commerce’s Government Relations Committee to discuss the upcoming election.
  • Zoomed into Empower U Election online school to talk about election security as we head into November.
  • Visited the Rotary Club of Youngstown to talk with members about election preparations. 
  • Visited the St. Clairsville Chamber of Commerce to discuss the three choices Ohioans have for voting this November as well as poll worker recruitment.
  • Joined a virtual roundtable with the Jewish Federations of North American focusing on the uncertainties surrounding this year’s election and how Ohio is Ready for November.
  • Business for America launched ‘Operation Vote Safe’ in eight states, including Ohio, and discussed with the Secretary how national businesses can help Ohio voters make their voices heard safely and securely this November.
  • The Secretary was the featured guest of this week's Charter PAC Speaker Series where he spoke to individuals across the state on the upcoming election and measures he is taking to ensure voter safety and ballot security. 
  • Zoomed into NBC4i with reporter Reporter Kristine Varkony to talk about important dates voters should remember as we head into early voting next week. Click here to watch.

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