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Ohio Secretary of State Week In Review For the Week Ending November 6, 2020

Ohio was ready for November


Most Accessible and Secure Election in Ohio History

5.8 million votes counted! Ohioans SHATTERED our all-time turnout record and voting was easy and accessible for millions of Ohioans.

Unofficial Election Numbers:

  • Total Ballots Cast: 5,812,804
  • Outstanding Ballots: 311,519
  • Total Registered Voters: 8,073,829

Below are some highlights about Ohio’s safe, secure, and accurate election:

NBC News: Polls close on Election Day with no apparent cyber interference Ohio voter turnout breaks record with more than 5.8 million votes

WLWT: Ohio shatters all-time voter turnout record with more than 5.8 million

Voting was safe in Ohio

The Secretary’s office and boards of elections spent months preparing for Tuesday, ensuring in person voting was safe for voters and the poll workers that staffed polling places for 13+ hours. Watch as Secretary LaRose highlights what these preparations looked like on Election Day.


Every legal Ohio vote will count

Secretary LaRose is working with Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections over these next weeks to ensure every legally cast ballot is counted toward the official results that will be certified in late November. Below details the process over the next few weeks for how this will work.

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