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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week ending January 22, 2021

Keeping Voting Rolls Accurate and Elections Secure

Continuing a process conducted by both Republican and Democratic Secretaries of State, but with more transparency and opportunity than ever before, Secretary LaRose moved forward with directing county boards of elections to make their voter rolls more accurate and remove abandoned registrations. Click here  to learn more.

Setting Records for New Businesses

This week Secretary LaRose released new data showing total new business filings in 2020 shattered the record previously set in 2019. Ohioans submitted a record total of 171,073 new business filings during one of the toughest years for business ever. Find and support local small businesses near you!


Trekking Across Southern Ohio

This week Secretary LaRose traveled to Southern Ohio, specifically -- Pickaway, Ross and Jackson Counties. Below are some highlights.

Secretary LaRose visited the Pickaway County Board of Elections where he met their new Director & Deputy Director. He was also welcomed by the Pickaway County Board Members and County Commissioners. 

Director & Deputy Director of the Pickaway County Board of Elections & Secretary LaRose

Pickaway County Commissioners & Secretary LaRose

Pickaway County Board of Elections Board Members & Secretary LaRose


In Chillicothe, Secretary LaRose met with business leaders to discuss their challenges and what’s working in their efforts to support the Ross County community and Ohio’s economy.  


Phoenix Quality Manufacturing began manufacturing personal protective equipment in 2020 to help meet the growing demand. This week, Secretary LaRose stopped by to visit Alan Stockmeister and his team to see how they are helping Ohioans battle the pandemic. 


Secretary LaRose visited Four Mile Farms in Jackson County where he met with the Newsome Family & Jackson County Farm Bureau. The Newsome family owns the largest farm in Jackson County. Click here  to learn more about his visit and the agriculture business community’s challenges here in Ohio


Other Recent Highlights

  • The Secretary zoomed with Cleveland State law students to discuss election law, specifically why voting in Ohio was so successful during a pandemic and what could be improved for 2022 and beyond.


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