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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending May 7, 2021

Another Successful Ohio Election

Tuesday, May 4th, was Ohio's Primary Election. Once again, our teams of experienced, bipartisan county boards of election officials professionally executed their responsibilities, resulting in yet another successful election day in Ohio. Sixty Ohio counties had either municipal candidates, local issues, or both on their primary ballots. Voters had the opportunity to decide on the local issues that often have the greatest impact their daily lives, such as schools, taxes and local government.


Secretary LaRose casts his Election Day ballot

Driving Voter Participation

Secretary LaRose spent the morning of Election Day encouraging Ohioans who had not already voted early to get to the polls and vote. On Tuesday morning, he was interviewed by 17 television and radio outlets, reaching every Ohio media market and countless Ohioans, reminding them of their opportunity to participate in this fundamentally important democratic exercise. 


ICYMI: Ohio Election System Praised by Central Ohio Business Community

This week, the Columbus Partnership expressed its support for Ohio's innovative and forward-thinking election system which has "ensured secure elections while also increasing voter turnout." Legislation introduced in the Ohio House on Thursday included two priorities of Secretary LaRose – a secure online absentee ballot request system, as well as an automated voter registration system.  


Ohio must keep elections free and fair

by Alex Fischer, President & CEO, Columbus Partnership

May 2, 2021

From our board rooms to our kitchen tables, voting rights are being debated in light of other states’ haphazard voting legislation proposals. Thankfully, Ohio’s election policies have historically been more innovative and inclusive than in other states and we must protect them.

Forward-thinking practices including four weeks of early voting, absentee ballot tracking capabilities, weekend voting and a bipartisan county board of elections decision-making process have ensured secure elections while also increasing voter turnout. This commitment to expanding access while maintaining security must remain at the heart of our election laws.

Leaders in the business community are aware that voting rights legislation may soon be introduced in the Ohio General Assembly.

We are proud of Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s commitment to bipartisan voting legislation. Secretary LaRose recently testified in the Pennsylvania General Assembly as they seek to reform their election system. Pennsylvania Representative and Democratic Chair Margo Davidson said, “As we look to increase access to the ballot box as well as secure our elections, we don’t want to leave people out – and that’s been the philosophy of [Secretary LaRose’s] testimony.”

Read more here.

Collaborating with Minority-Owned Businesses

On Friday, Secretary LaRose participated in a roundtable discussion hosted by the Hamilton County Development Co. in Cincinnati, where he highlighted the importance of entrepreneurship as a pathway to create generational wealth and prosperity for a community. The Secretary continues to meet with minority business leaders and advocates from across the state, encouraging greater collaboration between the state and minority-owned businesses to ensure that our growing economy benefits all Ohioans.


Eric Kearney, President & CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce and Secretary LaRose

Also on Friday, the Secretary participated in a Strength Through Partnership Pastors Roundtable discussion with faith leaders from the Cincinnati area. The meeting was the latest in a continued statewide effort to collaborate with leaders in the African American community, listen to their issues and concerns, and ensure their voices help inform state election policies and practices.


Strength Through Partnership Pastors Roundtable

Important Election Dates & Reminders:

  • July 6th: Deadline for voter registration for Aug. 3 special election
  • August 3rd: Special Election Day. Polls open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
  • October 4th: Deadline for voter registration for Nov. 2 general election
  • November 2nd: General Election Day. Polls open from 6:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Additional Meetings:

  • Secretary LaRose delivered congratulatory remarks virtually to the graduates of the Richland County Chamber of Commerce's Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA). The Secretary encouraged the graduates to pursue their passion for entrepreneurism and join the ranks of Ohio's successful business leaders. Learn more about the YEA here.
  • The Secretary spoke virtually to the Stark County Bar Association, thanking them for the role they play in ensuring that our elections continue to remain fair, secure and deserving of public confidence. Attorneys in attendance earned continuing legal education credits.
  • Secretary LaRose joined his counterparts from across the country in a bipartisan discussion of best practices and public policy as part of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS). The Association provides a forum for the Secretary to highlight Ohio's accessible and secure election system as a model for other states to emulate. The Secretary currently serves as Co-Chair of the NASS Election Committee alongside Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat serving Michigan.

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