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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending October 8, 2021

Early Voting Begins in Ohio

This week marked the voter registration deadline and the beginning of Ohio’s four weeks of early voting for the November election. County boards of elections throughout the state also started to mail out absentee ballots to Ohioans who sent in a request. Learn more at

Early Voting has begun: 10/12 8AM-5PM; 10:13 8AM-5PM; 10/14 8AM-5PM; 10/15 8AM-5PM

Secretary LaRose utilized Monday and Tuesday as an opportunity to ensure Ohioans are equipped with all the information they need to be informed voters by joining over 17 television and radio stations throughout the state to remind Ohio voters of the voter registration deadline and the start of early voting.

Early Voting segment on Zoom

Early Voting segment on TV channel 21

The Secretary also convened the Ready for November Task Force to discuss the ways our bipartisan county boards of elections are keeping each election secure for all Ohioans.

Ready for November Task Force on the Ohio Channel

Watch the full meeting here.

Additionally, Secretary LaRose held a webinar with the bipartisan leadership team from the Ohio Association of Election Officials prior to the start of early voting to highlight our boards’ efforts to test voting machine accuracy, ensure election security, and recruit and train poll workers for the November 2 election. He also provided each county board of elections with a Security and Voter Education Toolkit so voters are receiving accurate and timely information about elections. Check out our full voter toolkit here.

With the start of early voting comes the need once again for poll workers. Secretary LaRose put the call out for patriotic Ohioans to get paid while serving their community and learning first-hand how well we run elections. Those interested in serving this November can sign up at

Defend Democracy - Be a Poll Worker

Connecting With Hispanic Entrepreneurs

As the nation celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, Secretary LaRose took the opportunity to have a conversation with the Executive Director of the Northeast Ohio Hispanic Center for Economic Development and several Hispanic business leaders that found success in Ohio. The informative event gave aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to interface with successful Hispanic start-up business leaders and learn about the array of resources available to grow their entrepreneurial idea into a lucrative business.

Hispanic Heritage Month Zoom meeting

Watch the full conversation here.

Spotlighting Ohio Manufacturing

Each month, Secretary LaRose highlights a sector of Ohio’s economy to showcase Ohio’s diverse portfolio of economic engines as part of his Ohio Business Spotlight. For the month of October, manufacturing is in the spotlight as we celebrate National Manufacturing Month. Secretary LaRose toured ArcelorMittal Tubular in Shelby, an unsung hero in Ohio’s manufacturing resume. Tubular, a pipe and tubing manufacturer, has been in operation for more than 100 years, making products that drive our economy, employ Ohioans, and keep our communities strong. The Secretary presented the plant with an official proclamation on behalf of the State of Ohio thanking them for their 100+ years of contributions to Ohio’s economic success.

Read more about his visit here.

Ohio Spotlight visit at ArcelorMittal Tubular in Shelby county

Secretary LaRose tours ArcelorMittal Tubular in Shelby county

Check out all the manufacturing companies in the Ohio Business Spotlight featured this month here.

Reaching Ohio's Diverse Communities

As early voting is underway in Ohio, Secretary LaRose strives to ensure every voice is heard from all of Ohio’s diverse communities. This week, he convened a meeting of his Diversity and Empowerment Council to ensure that there remains a continuous and collaborative stream of communication between the Secretary of State’s office and community leaders as we approach the November 2nd election. This Council of community and faith-based leaders has proved pivotal in maintaining voter confidence in Ohio elections, and is an invaluable partnership that helps ensure that issues or concerns raised in minority communities are elevated and quickly addressed. During this week’s meeting, among other things, the Secretary provided his insights on the Ohio Redistricting Commission as it begins its constitutional duty to redraw Ohio’s congressional district boundaries.

DEC logo

ICYMI: The Ashland Angle: Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose and Election Season

Secretary LaRose appears on The Ashland Angle

ASHLAND, OH - This week, host (and Mayor) Matt Miller talks about the upcoming November Election with Ohio Secretary of State, Frank LaRose.

Ohio voters are now able to begin voting early on a variety of issues affecting the quality of life in their communities by visiting their county's Board of Elections and casting their ballots or requesting an absentee ballot. LaRose pointed out that a major benefit of absentee voting is the ability to do more research on each candidate and the issues they stand for from the comfort of your own home, as opposed to having to make a quick decision when standing at the election booth.

Additional Meetings

Secretary LaRose met with elected and community leaders from Richland County to discuss the importance of entrepreneurship and encourage them to help in efforts to ensure every voter’s voice is heard this November.

Richland County Community Leader Meeting

To help spread the word about Ohio’s Safe at Home address confidentiality program for survivors of domestic abuse, the Secretary visited the Ashland Pregnancy Care Center. Secretary LaRose works with domestic violence advocacy groups throughout Ohio to ensure no Ohioan has to choose between their safety and their right to vote. Learn more about the Safe at Home Program here.

the Secretary visited the Ashland Pregnancy Care Center

The Secretary joined the Northern Ohio Chapter of Commercial Real Estate on a webinar to discuss the impact of the new census data on northern Ohio and to provide insights on the current redistricting process.

the Secretary discusses redistricting

New business filings continue to rise in Ohio and Secretary LaRose is on the road regularly to meet with business leaders on ways to support these new entrepreneurs. This week he spoke to a group of Springfield business and community leaders where he listened to ideas from business leaders and discussed initiatives the Secretary of State’s office is pioneering. He also discussed the various safeguards in place to ensure secure elections in Ohio.

Springfield business community meeting

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