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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending October 29, 2021

Cutting Red-Tape and Costly Fees for Job Creators

Secretary LaRose continued his work to cut red-tape and costly fees for job creators with his testimony in support of SB105. The Secretary frequently holds roundtables with minority, women and veteran business owners throughout the state to find out what barriers exist for business owners and find solutions to ease those burdens. One issue that arose related to Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certifications, in a Cleveland roundtable. An entrepreneur explained how he needed to fill out the same MBE certification paperwork everywhere in the state where he wanted to do business, a costly and time-consuming process. Since then, Secretary LaRose worked with the legislature on a bill, SB 105, to create reciprocity for these MBE certifications and as well as those for veteran and women-owned businesses.


Click here to watch his full testimony to the Ohio House Economic and Workforce Committee.

Election Officials are Ready for Tuesday

Boards of elections throughout the state are in the process of final preparations for Election Day. This includes in-depth training for board staff, poll workers and voting location managers. Secretary LaRose stopped by the Delaware County Board of Elections this week as the county held one of these trainings for voting location managers.

Additionally, Secretary LaRose visited the Ashland County Board of Elections to check on their preparations for Election Day and observe early voting in the county.


Accessibility Twitch

Brandon, or “superblindman” as he is known to his subscribers, became a local celebrity when he was featured by the local news. Brandon, a blind gamer himself, promotes accessibility in video games and has a large following on the streaming service Twitch. Secretary LaRose joined his Twitch stream this week to talk to him about his story and discuss accessibility in voting and starting a business. Watch the full conversation here.


Reading to Future Voters

Secretary LaRose visited CHOICES domestic abuse shelter in Franklin, county this week to read his favorite Dr. Seuss book, “One vote, two vote, I vote, you vote” to children there. The Secretary visited CHOICES last month to discuss his office’s Safe at Home address confidentiality program.


Election Reminders


  • Saturday, October 30: Early voting hours 8AM—4PM
  • Sunday, October 31: Early voting hours 1PM—5PM
  • Monday, November 1: Early voting hours 8AM—2PM
  • Tuesday, November 2: Election Day, polls open 6:30AM—7:30PM

Additional Meetings

  • The Secretary spoke to business leaders with the Ohio Business Roundtable about the work his office is doing to cut bureaucratic red-tape, support entrepreneurship, and encourage them to partner with him to help recruit poll workers for Tuesday’s election.
  • Drug abuse continues to be a major issue in Ohio. Akron House Recovery, a new treatment center is working to fight back through its treatment programs. Secretary LaRose toured their facility this week and met with staff about partnering with them to help inform voters about the Restore you Right initiative — a program to encourage formerly convicted felons who have served their debt to society to get registered to vote.


  • Ohio entrepreneurs have a proud tradition of finding unique solutions to the world’s problems. One such business is eWaste. The Secretary stopped by the Hudson-based company that recycles outdated technology to cut down on landfill issues.


  • The Secretary stopped by to meet with the team at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo and tour several new renovations they’ve made. Ohio’s zoos continue to be a local economic driver, and with these exciting new exhibits, that tradition is likely to continue in Cleveland.


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