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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending November 5, 2021

Another Successful Ohio Election

Once again, our teams of experienced, bipartisan county boards of election officials professionally executed their responsibilities on Tuesday, resulting in yet another successful Election Day in Ohio. Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose congratulates and is grateful to the nearly 40,000 patriotic and civic-minded Ohioans who took the time out of their busy lives to serve as poll workers – they are the unsung, underappreciated heroes making Ohio’s elections work so successfully.

Tuesday’s General Election gave voters an opportunity to shape the future of their communities with well over a thousand local candidates and issues on the ballot in each of Ohio’s 8,945 precincts.

While voters understandably tend to focus more on election years in which we vote for a president, the local elections for mayors, city council members, school board members, judges and tax levy issues are likely more impactful on our day to day lives and the communities in which we live than national races. In odd year elections, Secretary LaRose routinely notes the fact that that who we elect to the schoolhouse and the courthouse is equally important as who we send to the White House.



Voters Continue to Utilize Early Voting in High Numbers

Ohio is a national leader in early voting with a month of in-person and absentee voting, including evening hours and Saturday and Sunday hours. In fact, Ohio is but one of five states that offers Sunday early voting. In the 2020 election, many voters chose absentee and early in-person voting for the first time for health and safety reasons amid the pandemic. Many of these same voters evidently valued the experience and the convenience, because the pattern continued this year with early voting numbers topping 2019’s election by nearly 18%.


Voting Early In Person

On Sunday, Secretary LaRose cast his early vote at the Franklin County Board of Elections. He joined a line with scores of other voters eager and enthusiastic to make their voices heard in the 2021 General Election, and spoke with the media to underscore the importance of Ohioans participating in our democratic process by getting to the polls. Ohio is the gold standard in election administration because we make voting convenient, all the while ensuring that the process is secure from fraud. Multiple safeguards exist, including every board of elections auditing their results to ensure an accurate count.


The System Works, Even When Mistakes are Made

Several Franklin County Board of Elections (BOE) e-pollbooks weren’t properly updated by the board this past Election Day, allowing three voters to vote twice. This comes one year after Franklin County BOE e-pollbooks were down at the beginning of Election Day, necessitating the Secretary of State to require the Franklin County BOE to utilize paper pollbook backups.

Quickly identifying and investigating this failure by the board is proof that Ohio’s elections have the oversight needed and checks and balances in place to ensure that our elections are secure. The Secretary stated that “even one illegal vote is one too many,” and to maintain voter confidence in the process, the Ohio Secretary of State placed the Franklin County BOE under Administrative Oversight, where they’ll remain until the Secretary is satisfied that the Board can ensure that its security shortfalls are remedied. You can read more details about this matter here.

Informing Voters

Ensuring voters are informed about upcoming elections is vital to delivering a successful Election Day. Secretary LaRose spent most of Tuesday morning talking with 17 local radio and television programs in media markets across the state, encouraging voters to make their voice heard with the important information they needed to find their polling location and vote.


Fast and Accurate Election Results

On Tuesday, Ohio was in the spotlight of national media because of the two important special congressional elections in northeast and central Ohio.

For unofficial results from the 15th and 11th congressional races, visit

For local race results, visit your county board of elections website. A directory of each county board of election site can be found here.

No Voting in the Dark

Our bipartisan boards of elections, voting location managers and poll workers are trained for any scenario that might come on Election Day. When a power-outage hit one of the polling locations in Montgomery County – the team was ready. As soon as the area-wide outage hit, the election officials worked with local emergency management, the power company, and the Ohio Secretary of State’s team to rapidly fix the issue while implementing backup plans to ensure voters could still cast their ballot.


Spotlighting Veteran Owned Businesses

At the end of National Veterans Small Business Week, six days before Veterans Day, the Secretary announced the Ohio business spotlights for the month of November – Veteran-owned businesses from around the state. Each business’s success is in part due to the owner’s skills and work ethic they accrued during their service in our military. As a veteran himself, the Secretary is proud of Ohio’s support for veteran-owned businesses and the resources his office provides to help veteran entrepreneurs continue their mission by serving their communities.


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