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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending November 26, 2021

Ohio's Election Integrity Proves Strong

On Ohio Primary Election Day, May 4th, bad actors attempted to illegally penetrate the election infrastructure of the Lake County Board of Elections through the county’s IT network. They failed in their attempt due to Ohio’s nationally recognized election security protocols. Secretary LaRose instituted several first-in-the-nation improvements over the last three years including a directive instituting a 34-point security checklist for the boards of elections and a first of its kind vulnerability disclosure program. Additionally, all Ohio voting machines are air-gapped and are incapable of being connected to the internet. As the FBI and state authorities continue to investigate the incident in Lake County, the Secretary is resolute in his position that those involved must be held accountable for their potentially criminal behavior.

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It’s important to know that even though bad actors attempted a potentially criminal incursion, no breach of our election infrastructure occurred. This is because Ohio continues to lead the nation in election security by working with each of Ohio’s 88 county boards to eliminate vulnerabilities. Learn more about what makes Ohio the national model for election integrity at

All-Time Record New Business Filings

This week, Ohio entrepreneurs impressed the state once again with their grit and perseverance – surpassing the all-time-record for yearly new business filings in the state of Ohio. In 2020, amid a global pandemic, many Ohioans turned to entrepreneurship – climbing to 171,073 new business filings. This week, Secretary LaRose announced the state has officially surpassed that record with five weeks of additional monthly filings remaining.

“Entrepreneurs deserve all the credit – plain and simple. They’re the ones putting in the long hours, building their product, providing the services, and most importantly – taking the big chances,” said LaRose. “With great resolve, Ohioans have stood in the face of unpredictable headwinds and sent a loud and clear message to the nation – I want to do business in Ohio.”

All-time record

During a meeting with the Zanesville Rotary Club this week, Secretary LaRose discussed the ways Ohio is going above and beyond to ensure these entrepreneurs are supported. Secretary LaRose is pushing for legislation that will streamline the approval process for minority, women and veteran entrepreneurs establishing a new business in Ohio. Additionally, Ohioans looking for resources to help grow their businesses can visit for a full directory of resources.


Post-Election Audits Begin

All of Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections have begun the process of conducting post-election audits for the November 2nd, 2021 general election. After every election, counties are required to conduct a comprehensive audit of the results of the election – comparing the electronic tabulation to the hard copy paper record. Ohio’s audit systems are highly accredited nationally. Recently, during a Ready for November Task Force meeting, Rachel Orey, a Policy Analyst with the Bipartisan Policy Center, praised Ohio system saying, "Ohio implemented a series of reforms to their audit laws that really establish the state as a leader in election security and integrity in that post-election period.” In fact, the audit conducted after the 2020 presidential election yielded a 99.98% accuracy rate.

Secretary LaRose visited the Muskingum County Board of Elections this week as they conducted their post-election audit. The Secretary brought local media to help shine a light on the extraordinary protocols our professional election administrators follow to ensure that our elections are secure, and our results are accurate. The audit in Muskingum county showed a 100% accuracy rate!


Giving Thanks

Secretary LaRose delivered a video address wishing Ohio a safe and happy Thanksgiving. He also included a special call to action for Ohio families this holiday. Click here to watch.

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