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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending January 7, 2022

Post-Election Audit Results Show 99.9% Accuracy Rate

Ohio’s county boards of elections have finalized their post-election audit of the 2021 general election. In counties that utilized a percentage-based audit, the results show a 99.9% accuracy rate.

2021 General Election statewide post election audit results 99.9% accuracy rate

Upon taking office, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose directed all county boards of elections to conduct a post-election audit after each and every election. Doing so ensures our elections are secure, boosts voter confidence in the results, and holds each board accountable for the integrity and accuracy of the election.

“When I took the oath of office, I had a clear mission – to ensure Ohio voters have confidence their voice was heard in honest elections,” said LaRose. “The transparency of this process, conducted by election officials from both parties, and the accuracy of the audit results should reinforce every voter’s belief that their vote mattered and was counted accurately. Ohioans can be proud that our state runs secure and fair elections.”

Ohio’s audit systems are highly accredited nationally. Recently, Rachel Orey, a Policy Analyst with the Bipartisan Policy Center, praised Ohio’s system saying, "Ohio implemented a series of reforms to their audit laws that really establish the state as a leader in election security and integrity in that post-election period.”

Orey’s praise for Ohio’s post-election audits comes directly from an investigation conducted by the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Taskforce on Elections. The Taskforce came out with a report this week outlining the standards by which states should run their audits. Ohio was highlighted in the report as a national model for meeting the principles necessary to properly conduct an accurate post-election audit – yet another way the Buckeye State stands out as the gold standard when it comes to election administration.

Learn more about Ohio’s post-election audit process by clicking here or on the image below.

Video illustrating Ohio's post-election audit process

County-by-county post-election audit results are available here, The official analysis includes contests audited, the number of ballots cast, the number of ballots audited, and any tabulation discrepancies or error rates. For example, in the Cleveland Mayoral race, 232,149 ballots were cast in 332 precincts, and 58,418 ballots were audited from randomly selected batches. The results of the audit confirmed a 100% accuracy rate.

For more information on how Secretary LaRose ensures election integrity in Ohio, visit

Challenging Bad Ideas from DC

Secretary LaRose continued his vocal opposition to partisan measures being pushed by U.S. Senate Democrats to federalize state elections. These measures would usurp the election authority of states like Ohio that administer its elections securely, fairly, and accurately.

He is not alone in his opposition to these measures. A recent op-ed published by the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board says “Democrats started with a bad voting bill that was gigantic, and they’ve whittled it into a bad voting bill that’s merely enormous. It still deserves to die.” Another op-ed by the WSJ Editorial Board points out major flaws in this legislation that threatens election integrity standards in Ohio. “Their slimmed version of H.R.1 would force states to count mail votes that arrive a week late and without postmarks.”

Ohio is considered the “gold standard” for election administration and does not need the federal government micromanaging a process that is both inclusive and secure. As Secretary LaRose stated recently, “I put my faith in the bipartisan local election officials who do the tireless work of running our elections, not DC bureaucrats.”

Collaborating With Local Leaders

The bipartisan work of running elections in Ohio is largely decentralized and local, which means collaboration with local leaders is vital to the success of any election. This week, Secretary LaRose met with local elected officials in Shelby and Auglaize counties and various Ohio legislators to discuss election integrity, voting initiatives and various other priorities for 2022. Secretary LaRose also spoke to the Ohio Fair Managers Association, where he discussed collaboration with boards of elections at county fairs throughout the state – holding booths with voting information and registration drives.





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The routine public audits conducted after each election continued a trend in Ohio of a high degree in accuracy. Nearly every county that performed what is known as a “percentage-based audit” posted a 100% accuracy rate.

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose said Wednesday the state's county boards of elections have finalized their post-election audit of the 2021 general election, and audit results show a 99.9% accuracy rate.

The Secretary of State's Office said a post-election audit is a comprehensive review of the results of one or more contests in an election to ensure that the results reported by the board of elections are accurate.

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