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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending January 21, 2022

Federal Election Takeover Fails

Wednesday evening, the latest push by the White House and Senate Democrats to circumvent state and local election officials came to a close when the vote on HR 5746 failed because of bipartisan opposition – in spite of efforts to change longstanding Senate rules.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose was a leading, vocal opponent of the many iterations of the federal election takeover effort, and was grateful for U.S. Senator Rob Portman’s work in helping to defeat this legislation. Read Secretary LaRose’s full statement on the vote here.


With an onslaught of hyperbolic speeches about voting and this legislation, including from President Biden who stated future elections would be “illegitimate” if these reforms aren’t passed, it’s important to know the facts. Below is a fact sheet of data demonstrating that elections are accessible and working, and a snapshot of just a few of the problematic provisions within the bills that threatened Ohio’s nationally recognized system of election administration.

Voting is More Accessible Than Ever Before

  • The 2020 general election saw the highest turnout in 120 years.
  • According to a Pew poll, 94% of American voters said it was easy to vote in the 2020 general election.
  • Ohio broke the state’s all-time record for voter turnout with nearly six million votes cast.
  • Ohio also broke the state’s all-time record for early and absentee voting with 58.6% of Ohioans taking advantage of the state’s four weeks of early voting.

How the Democratic Plan Fails the American People

  • Allows Department of Justice to seize control over election administration decisions, taking those powers away from bipartisan state and local election officials and placing them in the hands of unelected bureaucrats with no checks and balances.
  • Imposes same-day voter registration, creating administrative hurdles for local election officials and election integrity vulnerabilities.
  • Dramatically restricts states’ ability to maintain accurate voter rolls, a process vital to ensuring ineligible voters do not cast ballots.
  • Circumvents the state legislative process by requiring approval by Washington DC bureaucrats for any changes to state election laws.
  • Forces taxpayers to fund congressional campaigns by creating a 6:1 funding match for small-donor contributions of $200 or less.
  • Further micromanages states by mandating the time, hours, and location for which each election occurs.
  • Mandates drop boxes without any security requirements, opening the door for election integrity violations such as the damaging of ballots, fraud, and ballot harvesting.
  • Makes changes to legal standards that would make it extremely difficult for states to defend themselves against meritless litigation filed by advocacy organizations to void state laws that protect election integrity.

Spotlighting Ohio Health and Wellness Businesses

As we enter the new year, countless Ohioans are setting New Year’s resolutions – including commitments to health and wellness. In recognition of these January resolutions, Secretary LaRose announced the office is spotlighting several businesses that are helping Ohioans make their health a priority every day.

“I love starting the new year off with a new fitness goal to help me stay healthy – not just for myself, but for my family. Ohio is fortunate to have a growing number of innovative businesses that are supporting Ohioans in their efforts to reach their wellness goals, and our office does a terrific job of making it easy, efficient, and affordable to start such a business. Whether you want to start a gym, a yoga studio, or a smoothie shop, we have your back.”


Read more about these businesses at

A Historic Investment

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, JobsOhio, and Intel announced this week a $20 billion investment in Licking County -- with two state-of-the-art factories to be built by 2025. This production factory is not only the largest economic development project in state history, but the largest chip factory in the US -- a sign that Ohio remains the center for innovation and high-tech manufacturing. Secretary LaRose joined state and local leaders as they announced the project that is poised to boost the local economy, reduce our reliance on foreign countries and secure our national defense.


Ohio Redistricting Commission

The Ohio Redistricting Commission met several times this week to discuss the Ohio State Senate and House District maps. Secretary LaRose, who sits on the seven-member commission, discussed the importance of passing fair maps and stressed the imperative of reaching finality on these maps with enough time for election officials to properly prepare for the upcoming statewide primary election on May 3rd.


Watch the Secretary’s full remarks here.

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