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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending January 28, 2022

LaRose Commends General Assembly For Leadership on Top Policy Priorities

Thanks to strong bipartisan leadership in the Ohio General Assembly, this week two major priorities of Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. SB 105, sponsored by Senators Vernon Sykes and Kirk Schuring, and HB 93, sponsored by Representatives Jeff LaRe and Cindy Abrams, will have a profound impact on the citizens of Ohio.

“By cutting needless, red tape bureaucracy to help entrepreneurs thrive and by better protecting domestic violence survivors from those who mean them harm, today our legislature worked collaboratively and across the aisle for the betterment of the people of our state,” said Secretary LaRose. "Congratulations to the Ohio General Assembly for making two critically important, successful programs that have tangible, meaningful impacts on the lives of countless Ohioans even stronger.”

Cutting Red Tape for Minority, Women, and Veteran-owned Businesses

Tweet: Thanks to bipartisan leadership in the legislature, our bill to fight bureaucratic red tape and streamline the certification process for minority, women and veteran-owned businesses passed today. This is a big win for Ohio entrepreneurs!

The Ohio House of Representatives unanimously approved SB 105, bipartisan legislation that removes needless red-tape and unnecessary paperwork when minority, women and veteran entrepreneurs seek Minority Business Enterprise (MBEs) certification in Ohio. Under current law, MBEs must be certified separately in each jurisdiction where they seek to do business. SB105, sponsored by Senators Vernon Sykes and Kirk Schuring, requires Ohio's political subdivisions to recognize state MBE certification, thereby eliminating unnecessary and duplicative paperwork for minority entrepreneurs wishing to operate their business in Ohio.

Earlier in his Administration, Secretary LaRose hosted several Minority Business Roundtables across Ohio where he would often hear frustration with the unnecessary time and paperwork required to become MBE certified in multiple jurisdictions. In response, the Secretary has made the passage of this bill a priority and served as a top advocate throughout the legislative process. The bill passed the House unanimously this week, and will for return to the Senate for a concurrence vote where it is expected to be quickly approved.

Learn more about this legislation by following this link.

Boosting Protections for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

Tweet: No Ohioan should have to choose between their precious right to vote and their person al safety. Because of a bill passed today, survivors of domestic abuse will soon be better protected by our Safe at Home address confidentiality program.

Both the Ohio House and Senate approved HB 93, legislation that extends the same privacy protections afforded to survivors of domestic violence to those purchasing a home, shielding their personal information in public databases. The bill, sponsored by Representatives Jeff LaRe and Cindy Abrams, passed with overwhelming bipartisan support and now heads to the Governor's desk for his signature.

HB 93 also includes language to provide flexibility in the internal election schedule for the Boards of Elections to allow election officials better prepare for the May 6th Primary Election.

Learn more about this legislation by following this link.

National Poll Worker Recruitment Day

Secretary LaRose and Ohio’s Boards of Elections throughout the state took part in National Poll Worker Recruitment Day. This viral social media event offered a great opportunity to recruit poll workers, share unique stories and testimonials about what it means to serve your community, and highlight individual recruitment efforts at each county board of elections.

Tweet: January 25 is National Poll Worker Recruitment Day! Poll workers are the backbone of American Democracy!

Serving as a poll worker on Election Day is not only a rewarding way to serve your community, but an educational experience that arms Ohioans with the facts to dispel dangerous election misinformation flooding social media and beyond.

The Secretary joined WEWS’ John Kosich to explain:

Video: Secretary LaRose explains the importance of being a poll worker.

Leading up to the 2020 election, Ohio showed its innovation and creativity resulting in a record number of poll workers recruited, in spite of the pandemic. Learn more about these programs and sign up to be a poll worker at

Nearly 200,000 New Businesses Created in 2021

Ohio Shatters All-Time record for new business creation

Last November, Ohioans broke the previous annual new business filings record set in 2020 with almost two full months remaining to create a new business. The total number of new businesses created in December was 12,516, bringing the total new business filings in 2021 to 197,010, a 15 percent increase over 2020's record of 171,073.

“Ohio entrepreneurs are proving that this is a good time to work hard and follow your passion. Though some industries continue to struggle, Ohio is embracing new business -- especially small and local businesses, all while the semiconductor chip manufacturer Intel announced it will invest $20 billion in Ohio, creating what may become the largest chip manufacturing operation on the planet.”

Quick Facts:

  • 12,516 new businesses were created in Ohio in December 2021
  • 197,010 new businesses were created in 2021
  • Total new businesses created through 2021 represent a 15 percent increase over 2020’s record setting 171,073 new businesses
  • Ohio entrepreneurs can visit to discover the helpful opportunities available to them that can help them start and grow their business

Never Forget

This Thursday marked Holocaust Remembrance Day as Secretary LaRose took this opportunity to pass on a story from his hero, D-Day Veteran and concentration camp liberator Bill Miller.

“Bill Miller has always been my hero, and his passing last year hit me hard,” said LaRose. “For me, his story of liberating a concentration camp is an important reminder of the evil men are capable of, and the importance of standing up against it.”

Honoring Bill Miller

In Case You Missed It:

Crain’s Cleveland Business logo

Crain's Cleveland Business: Ohio in 2021 set a record for new-business filings

Ohio by November 2021 already had set a record for new-business filings in a single year, and December provided the final number that the state will try to top in the future.

Secretary of State Frank LaRose's office on Thursday, Jan. 27, reported that there were 12,516 new-business filings last month, bringing the total for 2021 to 197,010 — a 15% increase from the previous record of 171,073 filings, set in 2020.

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The Highland County Press: LaRose spotlights Ohio health and wellness businesses; Portsmouth store recognized

As we enter the new year, countless Ohioans are setting New Year’s resolutions for themselves to get 2022 started off right. For many, these are commitments to health and wellness — resolutions to improve their lives and ensure their health and safety in the years to come. In recognition of these January resolutions, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose is shining a spotlight on seven businesses that are helping Ohioans make their health a priority every day.

“I love starting the new year off with a new fitness goal to help me stay healthy — not just for myself, but for my family,” LaRose said. “Ohio is fortunate to have a growing number of innovative businesses that are supporting Ohioans in their efforts to reach their wellness goals, and our office does a terrific job of making it easy, efficient and affordable to start such a business. Whether you want to start a gym, a yoga studio or a smoothie shop, we have your back.”

For more information, visit and start your new business today.

Among the businesses recognized this month is Earth Candy Farmacy in Portsmouth, Scioto County

To read the whole story in the Highland Press, follow this link.

Toledo Blade logo

To the Editor: Truth missing in ‘Truth about national voting rights’ op-ed

A lot of truth was left out of “The whole truth about national voting rights legislation” op-ed of Jan. 19.

In her column, liberal activist Catherine Turcer conveniently leaves out the most significant change in the Democrats’ so-called “voting rights act.” The proposed law, as passed by the House, has a provision that would prohibit states from requiring a voter to present a valid ID to vote, by requiring that states must accept — in lieu of an ID — a “sworn written statement, attesting to the individual’s identity and attesting that the individual is eligible to vote.”


There is no need to pass a federal bill that would destroy state election systems and processes that work well, such as the one we have here in Ohio. Our system of a professional bipartisan staff working under a bipartisan Board of Elections, assures that, as Secretary of State Frank LaRose is fond of saying, “It should be easy to vote, and hard to cheat.”

Ottawa Hills
The writer is Chairman of the Lucas County Board of Elections.

To read the whole story in the Toledo Blade, follow this link.

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