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Ohio Secretary of State Week in Review for the Week Ending April 22, 2022

Early Voting Continues Across Ohio

With early voting in full swing and the May 3rd Primary Election rapidly approaching, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose announced Tuesday that 125,118 absentee ballots have been requested by-mail or in-person and that 44,994 votes have been cast statewide.

Data were collected by the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office via an informal survey of Ohio’s 88 county boards of elections. Data as of the end of early voting on April 15, 2022 are the following:

Ballots requested: Democratic 61,512 Republican 61,792 Non-Partisan 2,354. Ballots cast early in person: Democratic 10,690 Republican 12,646 Non-partisan 355. Total ballots returned and submitted for counting: Democratic 21,336 Republican 22,795 Non-partisan 863

“Ohio’s bipartisan professionals in our county boards of elections continue to provide outstanding customer service to the tens of thousands of Ohioans who choose to cast their vote early and to ensure their early vote experience is convenient, efficient, and secure. With three ways to vote -- early in-person, absentee by mail, or in-person on Election Day, voting has never been more accessible and more secure than it is today. Eligible Ohioans who wish to participate in our democratic process can choose whatever option is best for them and ensure their voice is heard on Election Day.”

Secretary LaRose crisscrossed the state this week, checking in on the election officials at the Knox, Holmes, and Miami County Boards of Elections. As early voters passed through to take advantage of the quick and secure process, Secretary LaRose met with the election staff about their needs and how the Secretary of State’s office can better position boards of elections for success.

Secretary LaRose meets with the Miami County Board of Elections and County Commissioners.

Secretary LaRose meets with the Holmes County Board of Elections.

Secretary LaRose meets with voters and election officials at the Knox County Board of Elections.

Community and business leaders are uniquely positioned to become voting advocates and truth-tellers within their communities. With that mission in mind, Secretary LaRose met with the Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce and spoke to the Ohio Clerk of Courts Association to arm them with critical information about the accessibility, security and accuracy of voting in Ohio and to challenge them to help pass along accurate information to voters in their areas.

Secretary LaRose speaks to the Ohio Clerk of Courts Association.

Secretary LaRose meets with the local business leaders with the Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce.

Robust Poll Worker Recruitment

With less than two weeks before Election Day, Ohio's Poll Worker Tracker shows 32,958 Ohioans have signed up to serve as a poll worker in the May 3rd primary election. The minimum number of poll workers needed statewide is 30,295. As of Monday, sixty counties have met the minimum number of poll workers needed.

“Every election, I am inspired and encouraged by the thousands of Ohioans who embrace this critically important and patriotic service to help fortify our democratic process," said LaRose. "To those who have faithfully served as poll workers for years, or in some instances, decades — thank you for all you continue to do. To those who are first time poll workers — you will soon understand how securely and effectively Ohio's elections are administered by our outstanding bipartisan professional teams of elections officials. While some counties are still in need of additional workers, Ohio has surpassed its minimum necessary, and I am confident that we will soon reach our targeted goal.”

Ohioans looking to serve as a poll worker may sign up at Poll workers are financially compensated for their time on Election Day.

Defend democracy. Sign up to be a Poll Worker.

Fostering Entrepreneurship Despite Rising Inflation & Supply Chain Disruptions

Secretary LaRose announced 19,337 new business filings in March of 2022, a 33.4% increase from the previous month.

“The hard work and pragmatism of Ohio’s entrepreneurs is on display each month as they courageously create prosperity through free market capitalism, even in the face of challenges with inflation, workforce, supply chain and a global pandemic,” said LaRose. “As new businesses continue to launch in the state, we are working to support them to ensure their ongoing success.”


  • 19,337 new businesses were created in Ohio in March 2022, a 33.4% increase from the previous month
  • 50,396 new businesses have been created in 2022 so far, averaging 16,798 per month
  • Ohio entrepreneurs can visit to discover the helpful opportunities available to them that can help them start and grow their business

This week, during a business roundtable in Holmes County, Secretary LaRose met with one of the businesses that decided to take the courageous step of starting a business last year, despite the challenging conditions.

“It really came about during March and April when we weren’t really sure what the virus was and we were stuck at home” said Matt Keeler, owner of Country Acres Mini Golf. “We started dreaming, and through that we said let’s start a mini golf business. It was something we wanted to do for our family, not just today, but for the future.”

Secretary LaRose meets with the local business leaders with the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau.

This week, Secretary LaRose also visited one of Ohio's business success stories, Corbo's Bakery in Little Italy. Corbo's, a staple in the Cleveland area, is featured by the Secretary of State's office this month as part of the Ohio Business Spotlight. This month's theme focuses on the wedding industry and the businesses that help create a positive experience for couples starting their lives together.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Engaged Voters

Secretary LaRose visited students at New Bremen schools on Thursday. His morning started by speaking to the 4th grade classes about government in Ohio. These bright young Ohioans, who had been learning about the branches of government in class, heard firsthand from the Secretary all about the mission of the Secretary of State’s office and the importance of voting to the future of the nation. Then the students were given an opportunity to ask questions ranging from “what’s the most challenging part of your job?” to “what’s the coolest thing you got to do in the Army?”

The Secretary then walked over to the auditorium where he joined members of the Auglaize County Board of Elections to talk to a class of high school seniors about the importance of voting as part of his continued efforts to recruit a new generation of poll workers. Ohio’s successful election system is fully dependent upon the need for trained, hard-working poll workers to staff each precinct on Election Day. Every election, Secretary LaRose works with each county board of elections in the state to recruit young Ohioans to serve their communities as part of the “Youth at the Booth” initiative. Learn more and sign up as a poll worker for May 3rd at

Election Reminders & Updates

Vote! Ohioans have 3 secure and convenient ways to vote. 1. Early in-person voting April 5th to May 2nd. 2. Absentee Voting. Mail by May 2nd. 3. In-Person on Election Day. May 3rd. Learn more at

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